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Rice Milk Production with the Decanter

Rice Milk Production with Flottweg Decanters

Rice milk is a grain milk made primarily from brown rice, which tastes sweet due to its high carbohydrate content. The demand for rice milk is growing, for example due to the increasing number of lactose- and soy-intolerant consumers. 

Decanters and belt presses play a central role in the industrial production of rice drinks and rice milk. Rice milk is produced from whole-grain rice. The rice is first ground, cooked with plenty of water, then mashed. The result is a creamy mixture that is further processed using decanters. The Flottweg Decanter separates the rice milk from the rice residue. 

Flottweg Belt Presses for Dewatering Residue

For an even better result, a belt press can be used to process the rice residue. This presses the rice residue between two filter belts that pass through several rolls. The redirection of the rolls provides additional shearing forces.

The belt press dewaters residue efficiently to extract the remaining rice milk. A dry solid cake remains behind. That saves money during subsequent drying or disposal.

Your Advantages When Producing Rice Milk with Flottweg Machines

  • High purity of the rice milk
  • Flexible, versatile use of machines
  • Simple integration into existing processes
  • Hygienic design and CIP cleaning
  • Cost savings 

Flottweg Decanters and Belt Presses contribute to the efficient manufacture of rice milk, and offer the highest possible quality and performance Let our experts advise you today!

Rice Milk Production with Flottweg Decanters

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