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Flottweg Wins German Innovation Award in Gold

On May 28, 2019, the winners of the German Innovation Award were honored for the second time at a festive gala held at the Technology Museum in Berlin. More than 350 invited guests from business, politics, and the media accepted the exclusive invitation. The Innovation Prize is awarded by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 as an initiative of the German Bundestag. One of the evening's winners was Flottweg.

gia-preisverleihung_18 The award ceremony for the German Innovation Award – Flottweg is among the winners

The Vilsbiburg-based company made waves with its Xelletor Industrial Centrifuge and was awarded the German Innovation Award in "Gold" in the category "Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering".

In their search for maximum separation efficiency, Flottweg engineers and technicians have repeatedly radically questioned the company's existing centrifuge concept. Inspired by the lightweight construction of high-performance sports cars and motorcycles, they came up with the idea of a novel centrifuge design. The heart of the new design, the rotor and decanter scroll, were redesigned from the ground up. The new Xelletor system is thus an entirely new stage of evolution for centrifugal sludge dewatering in sewage treatment plants. The result is a scroll with absolutely no scroll body.

"The dewatering of sewage sludge is standard in the operation of sewage treatment plants. Since the sludge usually has to be transported away, the operators want to separate as much water as possible from the sludge in order to save weight and thus reduce costs. Sewage sludge disposal alone accounts for up to 80 percent of operating costs. With the innovative Flottweg Xelletor System, a specially designed high-performance centrifuge, additional sludge savings of up to 10 percent can be achieved and energy consumption reduced by up to 34 percent. This kind of increased performance in the mechanical separation process with significantly lower consumption has redefined the standards in the field of industrial centrifuges," stated the German Innovation Award jury.


With the German Innovation Award, the German Design Council honors forward-looking innovations that have a lasting effect and offer added value for the user. A total of 695 submissions were received this year, some from industry giants such as Samsung, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, and the Swiss ABB group, as well as from hidden champions and start-ups.


"The evaluation of the innovations submitted has a user-centric focus. This is the distinguishing feature of the German Innovation Award," explains Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council. "This is particularly successful when future users are involved in product and design development at an early stage. Many companies have recognized this and rely on appropriate methods to develop an optimal product. "


The German Design Council – the awards body

The German Innovation Award is initiated and implemented by the German Design Council, which was established by the German Bundestag in 1953 and is a foundation of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). For 66 years now, the foundation has pursued the goal of promoting the competitiveness of German companies.

Its competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and publications make a decisive contribution to the transfer of knowledge regarding design, innovation, and brands. The foundation membership of the German Design Council currently includes over 300 domestic and foreign companies with more than three million employees

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