Engineered For Your Success


Engineered For Your Success – our new image video

Engineered For Your Success – this describes Flottweg. Lastly, only one thing counts for Flottweg: the customer's success. We provide an insight into our brand promise and our enthusiasm for separation technology in our image video. Feel the Flottweg Spirit.


Separation technology is the basis of modern life. Be it in the processing of juices, in the production of starch or the recycling of plastic waste. The separation of solids and liquids plays a key role everywhere. Machines like decanter centrifuges or separators are by no means simple, off the shelf, standard products. They are the result of precise work, detailed development and a lot of enthusiasm for the product. At Flottweg, this enthusiasm permeates all areas of the company and results in the promise to its customers - Engineered for your Success.  


Engineered for your Success - this statement expresses our brand promise in the most succinct way.

We at Flottweg do everything within our power to make it possible for our customers to achieve measurably better results. This could mean higher economic success, more efficiency, greater reliability, maximum process stability or simply the best possible separation solution with the best separation result. Lastly, only one thing counts for Flottweg: the customer's success.

To give you an insight into our enthusiasm, Flottweg has now created a new image video. This image video takes you on a journey behind the scenes of our company. Experience the Flottweg Spirit first hand and dive into the world of separation technology. Have a great time.

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