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The Flottweg Decanter Centrifuge C2E – Top Product of the Month in September

Prozesstechnik Online named a Top Product of the Month for the ninth time this year. In September, our <link internal-link>Decanter C2E was the clear winner. This centrifuge is specially designed for sludge dewatering at small sewage treatment plants. Our C2E puts the know-how gained from our big <link internal-link>environmental decanters into a compact package.

top-produkt_18 The Decanter C2E shines as the choice for September Product of the Month

This power package went up against three other products in the areas of mobile gas supply, drainage pumps, and wheel sensors. The entire technical panel at the technology portal for chemistry, pharma, and food agreed. The Flottweg C2E ended up with 45% of the vote, winning the contest.


The environmental centrifuge scores points for efficient dewatering and thickening, especially for lower sludge burdens. That makes it particularly well-suited for smaller sewage treatment plants and communities. For these facilities, the costs of transport and disposal play a decisive role. Any reduction in sludge volume translates into significant potential savings in sludge disposal.

Equipped with our in-house development, the Simp Drive® concept, and our Recuvane® system, the Flottweg C2E guarantees optimum separation results and can reduce operating costs to a minimum.


After being named September Top Product of the Month, Flottweg will now participate in the competition for 2016 Top Product of the Year. Cross your fingers!

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