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Making New from Old – Good Track Record after One Year Already

Stora Enso Poland is one of the leading Polish companies in the cellulose and paper industry. Paper manufacturing requires large amounts of water. Due to special, chemical residues, process wastewater must already be cleaned, before it can be entered in the river. For this purpose, Stora Enso Narew has used a decanter centrifuge of the Flottweg C series since 2016.


A central problem of the paper manufacturer was the occurring paper sludge as well as the cleaning of leachate. Before the Flottweg decanter centrifuge was installed, the sludge had to be transported from the plant resulting in significant costs due to the large transport volume.


Thanks to the decanter of the Flottweg C series, the dry matter content of the sludge could be increased up to 28 - 30 %. This enabled efficient burning of the remaining solid.

Leachate clarification also improved by up to 20 % using the centrifuge. This significantly reduced the contamination of the entire treatment plant. Prior to installation of the centrifuge, harmful substances and chemicals contained in the wastewater contaminated the plant.


Stora Enso Narew produces 1,900 tons of packaging paper and corrugated cardboard daily. The plant operates 24 hours a day and thus produces wastewater around the clock. This places further requirements on the wastewater treatment plant, for example, with respect to maintenance. The Flottweg centrifuge of the C series convinced with its automated 24-h operation.


As Stora Enso was satisfied with the first centrifuge, the company this year invested in a second Flottweg decanter. 

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