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Training starts in 2023: Young talents join Flottweg for the future

On September 1, 2023, 20 apprentices started their very own career at Flottweg, the separation technology specialist from Vilsbiburg. With a total of 60 trainees, Flottweg is once again one of the largest training companies in the region of Landshut. A total of 12 industrial mechanics, 4 mechatronics engineers, 2 warehouse logistics specialists and 2 industrial clerks with further qualifications as foreign language correspondents have started their training at Flottweg.


In order to allow apprentices to get to know each other for the first time and to learn even more about Flottweg, the newcomers started with a get-to-know camp lasting several days. "Our get-to-know-you days have become a tradition and an important pillar for having an eye-to-eye communication from day one. It immediately creates a collegial atmosphere in the team and makes the start to working life easier," explains training manager Daniel Wimmer.

Flottweg's new apprentices together with their trainers Flottweg's new apprentices together with their trainers

Learning the basics: Flottweg training workshop

For the commercial training occupations of industrial mechanic and mechatronics technician, the internal training workshop is initially the central point of contact: This is where the basic technical knowledge and skills are taught up to the Part 1 final examination.

From the middle of the second year of training, the apprenticeship then takes place in the plant. There, the trainees pass through the transfer positions in the individual production halls, such as manufacturing, assembly, plant engineering or quality testing. "We value fair cooperation, which is encouraged in daily work, in various projects and also at joint events," the training manager tells us. "Creativity, team spirit, solution-oriented work and manual dexterity are required when working on diverse trainee projects, in which everyone can contribute and be allowed to shape things."


Excellent grades: Successful end of training at Flottweg

However, not only 20 new trainees started their career at Flottweg, but also twelve graduates could celebrate the end of their training. Nine graduates were taken on by Flottweg and will support the separation technology specialist in the future in the various departments, such as barrel or screw production. Since Flottweg trains primarily for its own needs, the chances of being taken on after the training are very good. Three trainees decided to continue their school education after successfully completing their training.

The graduates reviewed their training at a joint breakfast The graduates reviewed their training at a joint breakfast

Three graduates stood out in particular, completing their training with very good results. Daniel Wimmer, head of training, is also pleased with the results: "My trainers and I are delighted with the excellent performance of our trainees. By completing their training at Flottweg, they have not only reached an important milestone, but also laid the foundation for a professional future. We wish all graduates a good start in their new departments or for their further career path."

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