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The New Flottweg Z3E Bundles Flexibility with Know-How

Making unbeatable results possible for our customers is our philosophy. The newly developed Flottweg Z3E Decanter Centrifuge brings us a good step closer to that goal. It combines the entire know-how of our employees to live up to our slogan Engineered For Your Success. But what exactly sets the Flottweg Z3E apart?

z3e Engineered For Your Success – the Flottweg Z3E!

Flottweg provides an easy-to-open cover for easy, quick access to the main components without lifting equipment. That maintenance-friendliness means downtime is kept to the minimum.


Depending on the separation task, our customers can also choose between super deep and normal pond depth. So the Flottweg Z3E is perfectly tuned to the individual needs of our customers.

The industrial centrifuge achieves additional flexibility by using the Simp Drive®, manufactured in-house. This gearbox provides precision regulation of the differential speed in the decanter, tracking every change in product characteristics.


Yet another advantage of the decanter: optimum performance. With the super deep pond, Flottweg enables even better processing and dewatering of sludges and pastes – with even lower power consumption.

The Simp Drive® optimizes separation results even more. By adapting to every change in the feed, the drive ensures the highest possible dry substance content in the discharge solid.


The Flottweg Z3E Decanter at a glance:

-       Low energy consumption and optimum maintenance-friendliness.

-       High-quality materials; all product-wetted parts are acid- and corrosion-resistance.

-       Optimum separation results with the Simp Drive® and adjustable impeller.

-       Simple operation with the Flottweg Touch Control.

-       Additional energy savings with the Flottweg Recuvane®.


In short: The new Flottweg Z3E is flexible, maintenance-friendly, and powerful, making it the optimum basis for your success!