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Flottweg named German Global Market Leader

German companies set standards in a wide variety of industries. Whether the automotive industry, medical technology, or machine design. There is hardly any sector in which German companies don't set the standards for production and innovation. That success doesn't just relay on a feel for market opportunities and outstanding innovative strength. Reason, responsibility, and a long-term orientation – those are values that determine the actions of these companies and contribute to their outstanding reputation.

In 2011, these standards were addressed for the first time in a single volume entitled "Lexicon of German global market leaders". But the lexicon is more than just a reference work. It's a calling card for business strength and innovation. The second edition of the "Lexicon of German global market leaders" appeared in January, 2015. This edition lists Flottweg SE as one of the "German global market leaders".

<link internal-link>Flottweg has been the driving force in the mechanical separation of solids and liquids for over sixty years. Innovations like the rapid decanter, the adjustable impeller, and the Simp Drive® are just a few examples of a company history full of innovations.

Many products in our daily life are directly or indirectly manufactured using Flottweg Decanters, Separators, and Belt Presses. These include juices, beer and wine, starches, and the products of the chemical and petroleum industries. Without the use of modern centrifuges and belt presses, these products would not be available for people around the world in today's quality and quantity.

To achieve real value over the long term, it's vital to prevent high fluctuation. Many of the employees at headquarters in Vilsbiburg, now numbering just about 600, have already worked for the company for over 15 years. It is precisely this long-term company association that ensures the unique team feeling. It is their inspiration for tackling the challenges of a global market every day.

Around the world, more than 750 Flottweg employees are engaged in the success of our customers. In 2013, Flottweg saw earnings of over 145 million Euros. Throughout the world, Flottweg knows to value quality. As a result, the export share of this Bavarian company is now over 85%. An international sales and service network permits optimum support around the globe.

To ensure the quality expected of a global market leader, Flottweg made the decision to hold consistently to Germany as a location, continuing to build out their German facilities. This continuity and a strategy developed with a view to the long term have granted Flottweg the status of a German global market leader.

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