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Recover valuable raw materials from used cooking oil and insects with the Flottweg Tricanter®.

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Flottweg’s innovative separation technology is driven by pioneering techniques that support and drive change in the world. Our products are the key to sustainable and economically efficient processes. This includes:

  • Saving resources, such as water and energy
  • Using raw materials more efficiently
  • Maximizing yield
  • Reducing process costs
  • Finding sustainable solutions for your processes

Whether you need to efficiently process used cooking oils, extract alternative sources of protein, or save process water in food production: For Flottweg, maximizing your success is a key concern.

It is this responsibility that guides Flottweg’s actions: As a separation technology specialist, we can help you find individual solutions to make your processes sustainable, efficient, and economical . Flottweg has more than 60 years of expertise and experience and is ready to help you find highly specific solutions for your company's application area.

Efficient upcycling: Valuable raw material extraction from used cooking oil


The recycled and processed used cooking oils serve as raw materials used in the production of biodiesel, hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO), and technical fats.  Used cooking oils, such as frying fat, cooking fat, or the contents of grease separators, sometimes contain significant amounts of undesirable foreign materials.

Together with our customers, Flottweg works to develop individual complete solutions for the recycling of used cooking and frying oil. The Flottweg Tricanter® is the focus here: It separates the unwanted solid particles from the fat in just one step.

Products from used cooking oil treatment

Technical fats
Hydrogenated vegetable oil

A real alternative: Protein extraction from insects


Creating valuable raw materials from maggots, flies, and mealworms is already a recognized and innovative way of accessing alternative sources of protein. Producers are expected to achieve efficiency and a high degree of purity in the end product. The processing of different insects, the processing temperatures, or the condition of the insects can make it difficult to achieve these objectives.

Flottweg’s three-phase centrifuge—the Tricanter®—is being used to simplify the processing of insects with centrifuges. The Tricanter® makes it possible to separate insects into different pure phases (fat, protein water, and solids) in one step

Products from insect-based processing

Animal feed
Insect fat

The Flottweg Tricanter® for efficient three-phase separation


2 in 1

Thanks to the Tricanter®, both purchasing and operating costs can be reduced. The reason for this: The Tricanter® combines two separation steps in one process step.



Our industrial centrifuges can be optimally adapted to every process. Only when all components are perfectly matched can we achieve the best possible results.


High product quality and process reliability

Thanks to the impeller's precise adjustability, the separation result can be optimally adapted to customer requirements, even under fluctuating feed concentration. What’s more: Due to our impeller's high degree of flexibility, time-consuming and cost-intensive conversions are also avoided.


Fully automatic 24/7 operation

Our machines are ideally equipped for round-the-clock operation. The easy operation and automatability of the Tricanter® also mean less staff is required and easy integration of the machine into the overall process.


The special features of the Flottweg Tricanter®

The adjustable impeller ensures optimum separation resolution and therefore the best possible end product. It can be set automatically or manually as desired.

Adjustable impeller

Depending on the requirements, components that come into contact with the product and wear protection for highly abrasive materials or use in the food industry are built to fit specific applications.


Optimal cleaning of the housing is essential for hygienic applications. Housing flushing can thus can be fully incorporated into CIP processes.

Housing flushing

Our Flottweg wear protection is optimally adjusted to your medium and process to ensures high machine availability.

Wear protection

What our customers say about us

Used oil and animal carcass recycling with the Flottweg Tricanter® at Reno Rendering

Processing of used cooking oils with the Flottweg Tricanter® at the wastewater association Fritzens

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Member of EHEDG
Member of the Food Processing Suppliers Association
TOP Innovator 100
German Excellence Award 2019

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