Abrasive Materials

What Are Abrasive Materials??

Abrasive materials (abrasives) are mostly used in abrasive tools for material removal. Abrasive materials are therefore abrasive, wear-promoting products.

Abrasive Materials and Wear in Separation Technology

Decanters and separators often process products with granular, abrasive properties. Continuous or long-running processes allow them to grind off material. The result is wear. In order to reduce this effect, operators use wear protection measures. Examples of coatings and materials are:

  • Deposition welding or powder armoring
  • Glued ceramics
  • Tungsten carbide soldered or screwed in place
  • Hard cast glued in place
  • Plastic screwed or glued in place

Suitable materials, coatings, and the replacement of the affected components help to reduce the maintenance effort for the machine.



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