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For many processes, mechanical separation is of crucial importance to the quality of the end products, the economic efficiency and environmental compatibility of the process. Mechanical separation processes are found in practically all industrial sectors, including but not limited to food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, mining, environmental protection and many more.

Whether it's getting the most out of oil sludge, treating sewage sludge in such a way that very little residual material remains for disposal, or extracting valuable fish oil from tuna fish residues - at Flottweg we find solutions that are truly sustainable.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Separation of biomass, dewatering of paper sludge, or recycling of plastics – our separation technology is customized for a wide range of applications.


Food industry

Our centrifuges are used in each and every process, no matter if starch or protein is being produced or lactose and casein are being extracted.


Fats, oils, animal proteins / biofuels

Our industrial centrifuges often play a decisive role in the extraction of vegetable and animal oils/ fats or in the production of biofuels.


Separation technology for the beverage industry

Whether for beer, juice, tea, wine or coffee production, we have the right separation solution.


Mining, heavy oil and mineral oil industry

Our decanter centrifuges and Tricanter® are ideally designed for the treatment of industrial waste water, the mining industry or the heavy oil industry.


Solutions for Water Management

Our special decanter centrifuges for water management and sewage sludge treatment are specially adapted to meet your requirements.


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Do you have any questions about applications?

Would you like to know more?
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