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Used Cooking Oil

Extract valuable raw material from old deep fryer fat

Centrifuges for processing used cooking oil and waste oil

The food industry and cafeterias generate considerable quantities of used cooking oils. Used cooking oils are reprocessed by waste oil disposal companies. The recycled and processed used cooking oils serve as raw materials used in the production of biodiesel, hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO)  and technical greases. Good for the environment and the operator.

Waste fats, such as frying fat or the contents of grease separators, sometimes contain considerable amounts of undesirable foreign materials. Vegetable and animal fats, as well as used cooking oils and fat from grease traps, are used in the production of biodiesel, HVO or technical fats. The Flottweg Tricanter® separates the unwanted solid particles from the fat in just one step.

Together with our customers, Flottweg works to develop individual complete solutions for the recycling of used cooking and frying oil. We partner with customers and provide advice throughout the entire process and also after purchase. Our decanters stand for durability, efficiency and high quality - manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Our machines for grease processing and waste oil recycling

How are used cooking oils processed? - The recycling process

Plant and animal fats, used cooking oils or the contents of grease traps are heated to the required processing temperature and fed to the 3-phase centrifuge.

The Flottweg Tricanter® separates water, oil and solid particles in just one step. Due to its robust design, the centrifuge easily manages the separation of solid particles of even different sizes and quantities.

Depending on the desired purity of the used fat, a separator can be installed downstream. This cleans the processed fat again and separates even the finest solid particles. 

Our patented Flottweg Tricanter® centrifuges are optimally designed for the purification of used cooking oils. The horizontal centrifuge can continuously process large quantities of waste oil and grease. Separation into purified fat, waste water and solids takes place in a single step. Flottweg's adjustable impeller allows the separation process to be adapted to the prevailing feed conditions. If the composition of the waste oil changes, the quality of the end products remains the same. This has a positive effect on the subsequent recycling processes.

Depending on the subsequent use, the processed fat can be clarified again with a separator. This separates even the finest solid particles from the fat and ensures optimally cleaned fat.

Thanks to "Made in Germany" and the use of reliable materials, our machines often last for over a decade.

  • Continuous processing of large quantities
  • Consistent quality of end products
  • Optimally cleaned fat
  • Durable and low maintenance

Automated processes

Our Flottweg decanters and separators can be easily integrated into existing processes or we can work with you to define a complete system for waste fat recycling. Thanks to Flottweg's Ingo, you always have all important parameters at a glance. The intuitive user interface simplifies the control of your process. Our centrifuges are designed for 24/7 operation. Fully automatic machine control. Our decanter centrifuges also react automatically to changing feed conditions. In the case of the separator, draining is also fully automatic.

  • Intuitive operation thanks to Flottweg's Ingo
  • Integration into existing processes
  • Fully automatic control is possible

A valuable raw material for the production of fuel and lubricating oil

Used animal and vegetable cooking oils are collected from the food industry, cafeterias and restaurants in so-called waste oil drums and passed on to companies for the disposal of waste oil. The plants recycle the  discarded cooking fats. The cleaned grease is used as a raw material for the production of fuel in the form of biodiesel or is used for hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO) and technical greases as well as lubricating oil. The solid matter is often thermally recycled in biogas plants. The separated wastewater is free of harmful substances and can be fed to the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

  • Raw material for the production of biodiesel
  • Basis for Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVO)
  • Use for technical greases and lubricants

A reliable partner in the processing of used cooking oil

Throughout the engineering process, our experienced experts are available to advise our customers. Together with our customers, we develop  individual complete solutions for an optimal overall process.

To be sure they will integrate into your processes, you can test our centrifuges as rental machines . You can be certain you've made the right choice with our decanters and separators.

  • Individual complete solution
  • Expert know-how and advice even after purchase
  • On-site testing with our rental centrifuges

A partner for life

Reno Rendering recycles oil and slaughterhouse by-products. Tanker trucks bring fats, oils and waste from grease traps in restaurants throughout northern Nevada to Reno Rendering for processing and recycling. Waste oil and grease from restaurant kitchens is also processed and then used as fuel in biodiesel plants.

The Flottweg Tricanter® separates the brown oil and grease from trap waste. Learn more about centrifuge performance and Flottweg support even after commissioning in this video.


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