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The Drive for the Flottweg Separator

Power from the motor is carried by a drive belt to the bowl spindle unit.

How the Separator Drive Works

The compact spindle drive developed by Flottweg is a particular feature. The compact spindle has rubber elements for bearings to ensure low-vibration, well-damped running. Force is transmitted through a heavy-duty belt drive. The drive motor is controlled by a frequency inverter, permitting a continuously adjustable bowl speed, smooth start-up, and power recovery during braking.

The operating speed is controlled from a display on the screen of the control system. Measured values are determined using the frequency inverter and pulse sensor (initiator).

The Advantages of the Flottweg Separator Drive

  • Reduced start-up current, rapid achievement of operating speed.
  • Flexible adaptation to a wide variety of product requirements due to simple, variable speed control
  • Simple service, low-wear drive concept
  • Fast, smooth reacceleration after solids ejection
  • This results in lower power consumption and reduced mechanical load on the system
  • Standard drive motors, thus high availability


The Flottweg-developed compact spindle drive ensures low-vibration, well-damped running.

The Flottweg-developed compact spindle drive ensures low-vibration, well-damped running. 

More Separator Features

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