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The Flottweg Bend Screen.

Curved Screen

Flottweg Separation Technology The Flottweg Curved Screen (BSF)

Curved screens are used in the following applications:

  • Static solid/liquid separation
  • Dewatering of high-viscosity media
  • Separation of starch and gluten
  • Preliminary dewatering of wheat gluten 

Flottweg Curved Screens (BSF) The Functional Principle

A curved screen works on a simple principle. The screen is made of metal profile rods whose edges lie in the direction of flow of the medium. The result is that the solids slide down under the force of gravity. At the same time, the liquid flows through the screen. At the end of the curved screen is a collector for the separated materials. 

The Advantages of the Flottweg Curved Screen Engineered For Your Success

  • Optimized product feed under primary pressure
  • Closed housing
  • Washing nozzles to wash the solids
  • Simple maintenance
  • Curved screens are easy to clean
  • CIP cleaning possible (Cleaning In Place) 
The bend screen from Flottweg.

The bend screen from Flottweg. 

The bend screen from Flottweg.

The bend screen from Flottweg.