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Milk fat recovery

Milk fat processing and recovery

A variety of fat-containing by-products are produced by milk and cheese dairies. In order to make production more efficient and sustainable, this milk fat can be processed and recycled. Flottweg separators are used to separate the valuable milk fat from the water and to further process the recovered product. The baking industry, in particular, uses milk fat in the form of butter, clarified butter and butter oil. Throughout the entire process, Flottweg technology ensures both hygienic and extremely efficient processing.

Flottweg separation technology can also optimize the process for the production of anhydrous milk fat.

Our machines for milk fat recovery:

Recovery of milk fat from pasta filata steeping water

Mozzarella is probably the most well-known representative of pasta filata cheeses. Typical for the manufacture of pasta filata is the kneading and drawing of the cheese mass in hot water. Due to the high temperature, milk fat is dissolved from the cheese mass and remains in the so-called drawing water. By using a Flottweg separator, this valuable milk fat can be recovered and recycled, while the water phase can be used again.

The extraction of milk fat from the mozzarella drawing water not only helps with the recovery of valuable products but also to reduce wastewater. The resulting milk fat can then be further processed into various products, such as cream with a fat content of 40 % for the manufacture of butter.

Example process for recovering milk fat from mozzarella steeping water using a Flottweg separator Example process for recovering milk fat from mozzarella steeping water using a Flottweg separator

Milk fat recovery from dairy wash water for butter oil manufacture

When rinsing dairy systems, for example butter production machines, wash water containing a significant amount of milk fat is produced. Flottweg separators can extract this milk fat from the wash water. This recovery not only enables the valuable milk fat to be re-used, but also purifies the wastewater.

The recovered milk fat can be polished in a second separator stage to form butter oil and then processed further to form clarified butter.

Example process showing the recovery of milk fat from dairy wash water and further processing into butter oil. Example process showing the recovery of milk fat from dairy wash water and further processing into butter oil.

Highest hygiene standards for separators in the dairy

Flottweg's separation solutions have been specially developed for the food industry and are fully CIP-capable, thus permitting efficient and effective cleaning. All seals and lubricants used are made of FDA compliant materials. In addition, all separator components in contact with the product are made of high-quality stainless steel as standard, with enhanced surface finishes to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry. With Flottweg separators, dairies can not only improve product quality, but also optimize the efficiency of their production processes and ensure compliance with hygiene regulations.

The processing and recovery of milk fat brings benefits:


Rapid amortization

The extraction of milk fat from wastewater enables a rapid amortization of the investment costs, as a high-quality product is recovered and further processed and subsequently sold.



The recovery of milk fat from dairy by-passes contributes to the efficient and sustainable use of resources in the dairy processing industry: This reduces production costs while increasing overall efficiency.


Customized solutions

We support our customers with detailed analysis and advice. In addition to laboratory tests, we offer pilot tests with test machines for the precise design of the machines for milk fat recovery. We also consider carefully how we can best integrate with your dairy - from the scope of peripherals to a wide range of automation solutions.


Smart machine design and easy maintenance

Flottweg machines are characterized by their intelligent design. Thanks to the optimized and reduced number of components, maintenance is uncomplicated and can also be carried out by your own personnel.


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