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Flottweg Company History

The Flottweg Company History


Gustav Otto

Gustav Otto, the son of the inventor of the engine factory „Otto-Motore“ founds in Munich the aircraft factory “Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenwerke”. On March 7, 1916, this company is integrated into the Bavarian aircraft factory “Bayerische Flugzeugwerke”. This is considered to be the birth of the later Bavarian Engine Company “Bayerische Motorenwerke” (BMW).


Flottweg Motorrad

Otto starts a new company in Munich and develops a bicycle with auxiliary engine under the name "Flottweg". In the twenties, motor bicycles were produced and sold, also under the name "Flottweg".


Dr. Georg Bruckmayer

Dr. Georg Bruckmayer acquires the rights of the protected name “Flottweg” and founds the engine factory “Flottweg-Motoren-Werke”.



The engine factory “Flottweg-Motoren-Werke” starts manufacturing and distributing motorbikes and components for aircraft engines.


Flottweg Fertigung

Because of World War II and due to the bombing of Munich, Flottweg relocates to Vilsbiburg (60 miles Northeast of Munich). After World War II Flottweg produces precision parts for printing press equipment.


First Decanter

The company begins to look for a new main pillar and therefore starts to develop the first centrifuges in the fifties. The first Flottweg Decanter Z1 is delivered to BASF AG in Ludwigshafen in 1956.


Bandpresse 1983

Development of a new generation of belt presses for the fruit juice industry.


Krauss-Maffei, Munich, becomes major shareholder (90%) of Flottweg. 


Flottweg USA

Flottweg starts its own sales and service offices in the United States, England and the Peoples Republic of China.



Successful test of the newly developed SORTICANTER®, a three phase centrifuge for the separation of two solids and one liquid e.g. for recycling plastic waste.



Flottweg takes over the Italian manufacturer of disc stack centrifuges Veronesi.


The Flottweg Management takes over the majority of shares (management buy-out).


Flottweg AG

Flottweg is a shareholders´company operating under the name "Flottweg AG". However, the shares are not listed on the stock-exchange.


The Chief Executive Officer of Flottweg, Peter Bruckmayer, and the Financial Director Joachim Weiershaus have retired from day-to-day operations and become members of Flottweg AG’s (incorporated company) Supervisory Board. Fritz Colesan, President, Knut Pantel, Executive Vice President – Finance and Administration, Manfred Schlarb, Executive Vice President – Engineering and Technology and Georg Schwinghammer, Executive Vice President – Manufacturing and Production, form the new management of Flottweg AG and continue to direct the company successfully.


Neue Fertigungshalle

After only six months of construction, Flottweg employees moved into their new state-of-the-art production hall. The new production hall, which is 4000 square meters in size, allows for quicker processing times with highest quality and precision, more efficiency and flexibility in production, and better workplace quality.


Flottweg SE

Flottweg AG becomes Flottweg SE
With its entry in the register of companies, the conversion to Flottweg SE is final. The legal status of SE, Societas Europaea (also called "Europe AG"), is a form of organization in the European Union. Through this, we emphasize the international aspect of our company structure even more than before. Our export share is more than 85%, and Europe represents the springboard for our global activities. With the SE conversion, Flottweg supports the European idea and the integration of our European subsidiaries.



Shareholders Transfer Shares to Family Foundations
For long-term stability and independence, the Flottweg shareholders have transferred their shares in the company to two family foundations. The charitable Bruckmayer Foundation had already held shares in the company. That means that all Flottweg shares are now held by three foundations, ensuring the continued existence of the company for generations.