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Flottweg clarifiers
for 2-phase separation

A clear matter

Centrifuge for clarifying liquids

Clarifiers are called for wherever liquids have to be clarified or finest solids separated from a liquid, (2-phase Separators, Clarifiers). With product features optimally matched to the clarification process, Flottweg clarifiers also extract the rest of the solids from the liquid phase.

The self-emptying 2-phase separators can be adapted to the product to be processed. Together with the optimized disc stack and the large clarifying area of the bowl, the special features of the Flottweg separator ensure efficient separation of solids. Thanks to the Flottweg proprietary discharge system, the solids are discharged quietly - eliminating a loud discharge noise.

Application areas for Flottweg 2-phase separators


Beverage production

Separators are used in many areas of the beverage industry, including the clarification of juices, beer, wine and mash.


Food industry

In food production, centrifuges are often used to post-treat the already separated liquid phase.


Fats, oils, biofuels

Separators clarify the recovered fat or support the production of biodiesel in several process steps.

How the Flottweg Separator works

The product to be clarified runs through a stationary inlet pipe into the interior of the bowl and is gently accelerated to full speed by the distributor. The disc stack in the bowl divides the product stream into many thin layers, thus creating a large surface area. The solid matter is separated from the liquid within the disc stack.

Due to the strong centrifugal force, the separated solids settle at the edge of the bowl. The separated solids are expelled periodically at full speed by a hydraulic system located in the lower part of the bowl. The clarified liquid flows from the disc stack to a peeling disk and is discharged under pressure via this disk.

For all tastes

The Rhinegeist-Brauerei in Ohio brews more than 90 types of beer with great passion and creativity. There is something here for every taste. The beers run through Flottweg separator during clarification. It continuously removes different amounts of yeast, proteins and hops - to the great satisfaction of the "beer creators", as this video shows.

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Flottweg AC series clarifiers


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

1200x700x1100 / 3,77x2,3x3,44

Weight [kg/lb]*

400 / 858


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

1200x900x1300 / 3,81x2,95x4,2

Weight [kg/lb]*

820 / 1804


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

1600x1100x1600 / 5,04x3,64x5,28

Weight [kg/lb]*

1550 / 3410


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

‍1400 x 1000 x 1400 / 4,48 x 3,29 x 4,01

Weight [kg/lb]*

1300 / 2860


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

1580x1160x1750 / 5,18x3,81x5,74

Weight [kg/lb]*

2900 / 6380


* The values are approximate and may differ from the actual values.

Dimensions [mm/ft]*

2080x1330x1970 / 6,82x4,36x6,46

Weight [kg/lb]*

3750 / 8250

Features for process optimization


Soft Shot®

The solids discharge of a Flottweg separator is performed by the patented Flottweg Soft Shot® discharge system. The system allows a precise and user-defined combination of partial and full emptying. Depending on the products to be processed and the consistency of the solids, the type of discharge can be adjusted to ensure highly efficient operation. Further information about the system can be found here:

Soft Shot®


The option for 2-phase separators seals the product space from the ambient atmosphere. As a consequence, this feature prevents unwanted oxygen absorption and the formation of foam. The hydrohermetic design of the disk separator consists of a stationary disk which is immersed in a liquid (e.g. degassed water) and thereby creates a seal to the immediate environment. Further information:


Centripetal Pump

The centripetal pump ensures optimum discharge of the clarified liquids from the centrifuge. It discharges the clarified liquid under pressure from the separator bowl and prevents the product from foaming. Further information:

Centripetal Pump

Lubrication system

A lubrication circulation system ensures fully automatic lubrication of the bowl spindle bearings. It lubricates the bearings regularly with an optimum oil quantity. This enables precise and speed-independent lubrication. Further information:

Separator lubrication system

Disc stack

The actual splitting up of the liquid mixture takes place in the separator bowl disc stack. The disc stack consists of a large number of vertically arranged conical individual discs. The disc stack increases the clarifying area in the separator bowl and thereby the separation efficiency. Further information on the disc stack can be found here:

Disc stack


The Flottweg separators are controlled by our InGo operating philosophy. It enables optimum interaction of all process components and shows all important process parameters at a glance. Further information on the user interface can be found here:


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