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2 Phase Separator Flottweg

The 2 Phase Separator Of Flottweg

The Flottweg Clarifier Separator: Two-Phase Separation (Solid/Liquid)

The Flottweg clarifier separator

Flottweg clarifier separators are used for separating solids from liquids, thereby permitting highly efficient clarification.

The Flottweg Clarifier Separator: The Bowl

The product to be clarified runs through a stationary infeed pipe into the interior of the bowl, and is gently accelerated by the distributor to the full speed of rotation. The disc pack in the bowl causes the product stream to be divided up into many thin layers, creating a large surface area. The solid is separated from the liquid within the disc pack. The high centrifugal force makes the solids that are separated out collect at the edge of the bowl. A hydraulic system in the base of the bowl periodically ejects the separated-out solid at full speed of rotation. The clarified liquid flows out of the disc pack to an impeller, which discharges the liquid under pressure.

Option: Hydrohermetic System With 2 Phase Separator

A hydrohermetic seal in clarifier separators makes it possible to seal the product space off from the surrounding atmosphere. As a result, this configuration avoids unwanted oxygen absorption and foaming. The hydrohermetic configuration comprises a stationary disc that is immersed in a liquid (e.g. degassed water) thus creating an exclusion from the surroundings.

The Following Applies To Both Configurations (2 Phase Separator And 3 Phase Separator):

Solids are emptied from a Flottweg separator using a remarkable Flottweg Soft Shot® discharge system. This system enables extremely quiet self-emptying of the separator bowl, and represents an outstanding feature of Flottweg AC separators.