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Our markets and products, employees and successes expressed in numbers, data and facts. 12 branches and more than 50 sales and service stations ready to support you. We not only strive to offer first-class support in the selection and design of our systems, but are also there for you after commissioning - in more than 100 countries around the world.

The picture shows our production site in Germany. From here our machines and plant are shipped worldwide. From Vilsbiburg and out into the world: our production site in Vilsbiburg, Germany.

Headquartered in Vilsbiburg, Germany

We design and manufacture our decanter centrifuges, separators and belt presses only in Vilsbiburg. German-manufactured quality is just one of many reasons why Flottweg is the top choice of our customers.

Flottweg SE
Industriestraße 6-8
84137 Vilsbiburg, Germany
Phone: +49 8741 301-0


1932 Flottweg officially founded

Dr. Georg Bruckmayer acquired the trademark rights to the Flottweg-Motoren-Werke in 1932.
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298 million Euros – revenue in 2023

In 2023, 298 million Euros in revenue was generated through the manufacturing and sales of our machines, systems and services.


More than 80% export share

Our machines and systems are in use worldwide - from Germany to Hawaii and all the way to Alaska.


Flottweg employs over 1,200 people worldwide

About 950 employees work at the company headquarters in Vilsbiburg, Germany. This includes roughly 60 trainees and interns.


Over 50 service centers in more than 100 countries

With 50 sales offices, we serve customers in over 100 countries around the world.


12 branches from USA to Brazil

In addition to Flottweg SE headquartered in Vilsbiburg, Germany, the Flottweg Group has 12 offices located in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia.
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Our Trademarks

Flottweg is a registered trademark of Flottweg SE. In addition many of our products and services are registered or filed trademarks of the Flottweg Group. E.g. Tricanter®, Sedicanter®, Sorticanter®, Flottweg HTS Decanter®, Recuvane®, Soft Shot®, Simp Drive®, Simp Control®  

Trademarks registered by Flottweg


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