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The Separator Lubrication System

The bearings of the bowl spindle are lubricated periodically with the optimum amount of oil. The lubrication circuit includes a compact lubrication assembly, a fine filter, and flow monitors. The bowl spindle has a conical connection to support the separator bowl.

How the Lubrication System Works

The lubrication of the spindle bearings is fully automatic and handled by a circulating lubrication system.

 Oil is added periodically.

The circulating lubrication system is inside the gearbox. An oil pump assembly takes in oil through a filter from the flange-mounted reservoir, conveying it to the upper bearing point. This pressure line also integrates a fine filter and a flow monitor. The oil flows through each bearing in the spindle assembly and then into the interior of the belt pulley. Holes in the belt pulley allow the oil to drain into the oil basin, then finally back through the return line into the reservoir for the oil pump assembly.

There is also a level switch in the oil reservoir to detect low oil.

Advantages of the Lubrication System

  •   Speed-independent, highly accurate, full lubrication performance at all times (even while the machine is starting and stopped) ensures a long service life for the bowl bearings
  •   Start-up lubrication before the first turn of the bowl
  •   High operational reliability, since the lubrication supply is monitored automatically
  •   Smaller quantities of lubricant
  •   Stand-alone system for optimum lubrication


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