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Flottweg Hydrohermetics for Separators

Hydrohermetic Sealing for Flottweg Separators

As an option, Flottweg can offer hydrohermetic sealing of clarifier separators (for example, industrial disk stack centrifuges). Hydrohermetic sealing prevents the undesired uptake of oxygen into the product. 

How Flottweg Hydrohermetics for Separators Works

Seal water is introduced through a solenoid valve into the seal water chamber of the rotating bowl, where it encounters the immersed sluice plate to form a water seal of the interior of the bowl from the surrounding atmosphere. This prevents oxygen from being introduced into the product, as well as preventing the product from releasing gases. Degased water is recommended for use as the seal water.


Excess seal water is guided over the overflow edge of the seal water chamber.

The hydrohermetic seal for Flottweg Separators prevents undesired oxygen uptake.

Flottweg Separators – The Features of Hydrohermetics

  • Prevents undesired oxygen uptake when processing oxygen-sensitive products
  • Creates a seal between the interior of the bowl and the surroundings
  • No mechanical wear


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