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High Beer Quality With Improved Efficiency

Mechanical separation technology in the manufacture of beer optimises yield while guaranteeing consistent beer quality. Flottweg decanters, separators and belt presses are used for various applications in beer manufacture:

  • Dewatering brewer's grains
  • Beer recovery from surplus yeast
  • Wort recovery from hot trub
  • Green beer separation
  • Clarification of beer before filtration
  • Defined turbidity adjustment
  • Reduction in brewery wastewater

Centrifuges Offer Numerous Advantages In The Manufacture Of Beer

Beer manufacture requires a good understanding of the brewing process. Every beer is unique, which means the brewing industry has specific requirements. Flottweg finds the optimum solution with tailor-made separation technology. Optimisation and standardisation of the brewing process using Flottweg decanters, separators and belt presses reveals additional savings potential:

  • Cost reduction during the manufacture of beer by optimisation of the production processes
  • Reduction in beer losses
  • Avoidance of fluctuations in the brewing process
  • Husbanding of natural resources
  • Maximum yield with consistent beer quality
  • Reduction in cleaning and wastewater costs
Brewing process for beer clarification Brewing process for beer clarification

Flottweg - Your Partner For Beer Manufacture

Your beer quality and achieving an economical brewing process are highly important to us, as a traditional Bavarian company. Benefit from the advantages of working with an SME:

  • Working out individual separation solutions with in-house project planning by specialists
  • Simple integration into existing brewing processes and CIP systems is possible at any time
  • Made in Germany - centrifuges are exclusively manufactured in Germany by trained specialists
  • Many years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge of separation technology, the brewing industry and centrifuge production

The Right Centrifuge For Each Brewing Process

We know about the responsibility of the master brewer during beer manufacture. As a result, we always strive to meet the specific requirements of the breweries with our decanters, separators and belt presses as effectively as possible. Flottweg is certified to ISO 9001 and builds its products according to the latest technical standards:

  • Decanter for wort recovery from hot trub
  • Sedicanter® for beer recovery from surplus yeast
  • Separators for clarification before filtration, for green beer clarification and for defined turbidity adjustment
  • Belt presses for dewatering brewer's grains

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