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Algae Harvesting

Algae Harvesting and Oil Extraction Using the Separator and Sedicanter®

Flottweg offers you an innovative process for high-efficiency algae harvest and oil extraction. Algae are the precursors for many different branches of industry whether in the cosmetics industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacture of biofuels or foodstuffs production.

Algae are cultivated in photobioreactors. Following this, the algae are separated from the water. This cell harvest is decisive for the economic aspects of the process, and must be possible with the greatest of efficiency.

The Flottweg Enalgy process is a highly effective method of algae harvest: Firstly, it is an algae harvest with the separator and, secondly, it is a two-stage process comprising preliminary concentration by flotation and then the cell harvest itself with the Flottweg Sedicanter®.

The Highly Efficient Algae Harvest Offers You The Following Advantages:

  • Significantly lower harvest costs
  • Up to 60% lower operating costs (water, energy, etc.)
  • Up to 25% lower investment costs
  • Lower costs for further processing or drying because of a very high-quality algae concentrate

Algae Harvest With The Flottweg Separator

In the algae harvest with the separator, the algae suspension from the fermenter is clarified via the separator. The algae suspension flows directly into the separator, where it is separated into a clear water phase and algae concentrate. The algae concentrate then has a creamy consistency. This process is suitable for small to medium plants. The algae harvest using the separator is characterised above all by its low energy consumption.

Algae harvest with the separator

Algae Harvest With The Flottweg Sedicanter®

The algae harvest with the Sedicanter® is a two-stage process comprising preliminary concentration by flotation and then the actual cell harvest. The Sedicanter® dewaters the concentrated algae to 22 to 25% solid content. Only this special decanter centrifuge is capable of efficiently concentrating the fine and soft algae cells.

Algae harvest with the Sedicanter®

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