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Fish and Fish By Product

The Separation of Fish Oil and The Processing of Fish By-Products

Processing Fish By-Products Using The Flottweg Tricanter®

The worldwide demand for fish products such as salmon filet is continuously increasing and so is the number of fish farms and fish processing plants. In the same way waste which has to be disposed of as well as the quantity of fish by-products are all the time increasing.

Due to the high costs for waste disposal the idea was born to recover high quality oil from these by-products instead of disposing of them. In order to achieve high market prizes for fish or fish oil, highest quality standards on raw material and processing equipment is requested. It is obvious that only fresh by-products right after slaughtering can be used as raw material in order to obtain high final product quality.

The Flottweg Tricanter®in combination with a heat exchanger meets all specific requirements for outstanding product quality, such as

  • minimum heat impact on the product
  • short treatment time of the product

The Flottweg Tricanter® process is a combination of...

  • outstanding technology
  • knowhow and experience
  • customer tailored systems

The Flottweg Tricanter® process can turn the challenges with fish by-products into a very profitable business offering the following benefits

  • High sales value of the recovered oil due to excellent quality
  • Reduction or elimination of disposal costs
  • Cost effective compact design of plants – tailor made to the requirements of our customers

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