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Algae harvesting with the Flottweg Separator

The algae suspension flows from the photobioreactor directly into the Flottweg Separator. Then the distributor gently accelerates the suspension to full speed. Due to the high centrifugal force of up to 12,000 g, the separator dewaters the algae suspension producing an algae concentrate with creamy consistency. Thus making the algae concentrate ideal for further processing. Small to medium-sized plant benefit in particular from the low investment and low operating costs of the single-stage process.

  • up to 25 percent lower investment costs
  • lower costs for further processing or drying due to a very high-quality algae concentrate
  • suitable for medium and small businesses
The separator dewaters by means of high centrifugal forces of up to 12,000 g Algae concentrate after processing with the separator

Algae harvesting with the Flottweg Sedicanter®

Algae harvesting with the Sedicanter® is a two-stage process that is ideal for larger operations: The algae suspension from the photobioreactor is initially pre-concentrated. The algae concentrate then flows on into the Flottweg Sedicanter®, where the cell harvesting takes place. The Sedicanter® dewaters the algae concentrate to a compact cake with 22 to 25 percent dry substance content. Only this special decanter centrifuge is capable of thickening the fine and soft algae cells in such an efficient way.

The pre-concentration in the two-stage process saves energy when compared with single-stage processes. The more water that is separated beforehand, the less the Sedicanter® has to separate.

  • up to 60 percent lower operating costs (e.g. energy)
  • up to 25 percent lower investment costs
  • 22 to 25 percent high dry solids content for optimum further processing
The Sedicanter® dewaters the algae concentrate to a compact cake with 22 to 25 percent dry substance content. Algae dry substance after processing with the Sedicanter®

„More than just Greenwashing“

Test results confirm that algae are also suitable as a source of renewable energy: The total energy balance for different harvesting processes was compared in the example.

The Sedicanter® from Flottweg reduces the energy required to harvest algae by 75 percent when compared with conventional processing.
Article in the trade magazine Mitteldeutsche Mitteilungen

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