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Manufacturing Fruit Juice, Direct Juice And Vegetable Juice

Economical production of fruit juice, direct juice and vegetable juice is characterised by more than just outstanding juice quality. It is just as important to achieve a high raw material yield with the lowest possible complexity for operation, maintenance and servicing of the centrifuges, belt presses and lines used.

The following advantages result from using Flottweg decanters, separators and belt presses in the manufacture of fruit juice, direct juice and vegetable juice:

  • Achieving a high yield of fruit juice, vegetable juice and direct juice by optimum juice extraction
  • Cost reduction in the entire beverage manufacturing process
  • Improvement in juice quality
  • Reduction in the settleable solid content
  • Optimum clarification of the fruit juices, vegetable juices and direct juices
  • Efficient processing of fruit, fruit pulp and vegetables
Belt press, separator and decanter for fruit and vegetable processing Belt press, separator and decanter for fruit and vegetable processing


Outstanding Juice Quality By Having The Right Centrifuge Or Belt Press

For excellent juice quality, Flottweg supplies complete processing lines and machines for juice manufacture:

  • Belt press lines with pomace extraction for increasing yield
  • Decanter for separating off the solids from the pulp or juice
  • Separators for clarifying beverages and extracted juices

Flottweg belt presses, separators and decanters for fruit and vegetable processing have proven themselves as outstanding machines for flexible application in juice manufacture.

Flottweg - Your Strong Partner For Juice Manufacture

When it comes to healthy beverages, fruit and vegetable juices are the first choice. To enable the juices to have a healthy effect and achieve their full flavour, it is recommended for the vegetables and the fruits to be pressed and processed carefully. Flottweg has many years of experience in the beverage industry and thus offers numerous advantages:

  • Decanters, separators, belt presses and lines specifically adapted to the beverage industry
  • Many years of experience and relevant expertise in the use of centrifuges and belt presses in juice manufacture
  • A high standard of hygiene and the best product quality through consistent use of stainless steel - Made in Germany
  • Robust durability and a long service life of the machines
  • Clear design, easy access, simple cleaning, operation and maintenance

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