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Lupin Protein

Extracting High-Quality Protein From Lupin Seeds

Lupin seeds contain high-quality protein, which can be used to replace imported soy in animal fodder or human foods. With a low percentage of fat content, lupin protein is a high-quality nutrient.

The Process of Lupin Protein Extraction

To ensure the sustainable economic success of lupin fractionation, manufacturers aim for a yield for all fractions of the seed of more than 90 percent. But how can lupin protein, which is neutral in sensory terms, be extracted?

The Basis: Lupin Seeds From Sweet Lupins

First, the lupin kernels are shelled and rolled to create wafer-thin flakes. Then the oil from the flakes is removed using supercritical CO2. At a pressure of more than 74 bar and temperatures greater than 31 degrees Celsius, CO2takes on liquid-like properties. The majority of the oils and their accompanying materials dissolve in it. The oil-free flakes are then mashed in a stirring tank.

Separation of Bitter Substances

The Flottweg Decanter separates the fiber and the lupin proteins from each other. The liquid phase contains bitter compounds, carbohydrates, sugar and other soluble flavoring materials.

Removal of the Lupin Protein

The solid phase is pumped into another tank. There, its pH level is raised so that the lupin proteins become soluble. Another Decanter centrifuge separates insoluble fibers from the solid phase out of the mixture. These are then used in the animal feed industry.

Extraction of the Lupin Protein Isolate

The clear phase is placed into a final tank and acidified. To separate the lupin protein, a Flottweg Sedicanter® is used. Since the remaining dry substance is small in terms of volume, the Sedicanter® is ideal for separating the hard-to-sediment lupin proteins.

The Flottweg Sedicanter® Achieves Optimized Results

To process soft sediments such as lupin proteins, Flottweg produces a special decanter centrifuge. With a standard decanter, soft or easy-flowing solids are difficult to process.

The patented Flottweg Sedicanter® achieves optimized results in the processing of lupin proteins. While a standard decanter achieves a maximum centrifugal acceleration of 6,000 g, the Sedicanter®, at 10,000 g, achieves values that have previously only been possible with disk stack centrifuges.

Extracting high-quality protein from lupin seeds Extracting high-quality protein from lupin seeds

Satisfied Customers

"We decided on the Flottweg Sedicanter® because it combines the advantages of a disk stack centrifuge with those of a decanter. Thanks to its high speed, this machine achieves outstanding separation results while simultaneously processing large quantities of solids. “Flottweg has a clear USP on the market with this,” said one customer. “Flottweg also offers fast, affordable, competent customer service, who are at our side with support whenever we need it.”


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