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Treatment Of Drilling Mud, Emulsions and Fluids With Decanter Centrifuges

Modern drilling emulsions form a closed circuit from which no solids emerge. As a result, everything that gets into the emulsion due to the drilling process must be separated out. While riddle screens and hydrocyclones separate coarse-grained particles, the decanter deals with small particles.

The Decanter Can Be Used In Various Applications Relating To Drilling Mud

  • Separation of drilling emulsions
  • Processing of drilling slurry
  • Processing of drilling muds
Processing of drilling emulsion, drilling slurry and drilling muds Processing of drilling emulsion, drilling slurry and drilling muds

Your Advantages In Processing Drilling Mud and Emulsions:

  • Reduction in disposal costs
  • Reduction in the quantity of sludge in the closed system
  • Cost saving of up to 60% for maintenance and upkeep
  • Reduction in wear, especially on the slurry pump and drill bit
  • Extended sludge service life

Flottweg - Your Partner For Processing Drilling Mud and Emulsions:

Worldwide, a hundred decanters are already in use in the drilling slurry industry. Flottweg has a broad range of experience and numerous references that offer you decisive advantages:

  • Decanters specially adapted to the drilling slurry, with special wear protection
  • "Made in Germany" - Production of the decanters exclusively in Germany, with high-quality materials and trained specialists
  • Many years of experience and relevant specialist knowledge in the use of decanters for processing drilling slurry, drilling emulsions and drilling muds
  • Inexpensive, worldwide aftersales service and a comparatively low amount of maintenance work
  • Personal support, on-site service and project planning individually tailored to your requirements

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