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Flottweg nozzles make the difference

The nozzles are the main difference between a nozzle separator and our AC series separators. They enable the solids to be continuously discharged from the separator bowl. With a self-emptying separator, on the other hand, the solids are transported out of the bowl at regular intervals by an emptying system. Since the solids are discharged through the nozzles with a nozzle separator, it is possible to process mixtures containing a higher solids content, such as in wet starch production.

How do the Flottweg nozzles work?

First, the product to be separated enters the bowl via an inlet pipe. In this bowl, the actual clarification or separation takes place. The solids move towards the solids discharge openings via the disc stack as a result of a very high centrifugal force. There, the concentrate is continuously discharged from the nozzle separator bowl via the nozzles. The design of the nozzles has a significant influence on maintenance intensity, flexibility of use, and energy consumption. Therefore, these three areas were the main focus when designing the FDS separators.

Easy maintenance

The nozzles can be replaced quickly and easily via maintenance openings in the housing. This significantly reduces the effort required for maintenance. The nozzles themselves are equipped with carbide wear protection. This makes them less susceptible to wear and tear, and thus more durable. The innovative arrangement of the nozzles creates natural wear protection in the bowl in front of the nozzles, thereby protecting both the bowl and nozzles. This significantly reduces the maintenance efforts required and extends maintenance intervals.

  • Nozzles can be replaced quickly and easily via a maintenance opening,
  • Carbide wear protection for long nozzle life.
  • Natural wear protection thanks to the innovative arrangement of the nozzles

High flexibility

The nozzles are available with different nozzle diameters. These can be quickly and easily replaced through the maintenance openings, allowing the system to be optimally adapted to the product being processed. In addition, the nozzles and the Flottweg nozzle separator are designed to meet the hygienic requirements of the food and biotechnology industries. All components of the nozzle separator that come into contact with the product are made of high-quality stainless steel. The hygienically optimized design of the nozzles prevents dead spots and facilitates the cleaning of the centrifuge.

  • Nozzles are available in different diameters.
  • Optimum adaptation to the production process.
  • Meets the highest hygienic requirements.

Low energy consumption

The energy consumption of the separator drive system is minimized thanks to the innovative arrangement of the nozzles. The discharged concentrate is steered so that its discharge supports the rotary movement of the drive. The energy required by the drive is thus significantly reduced compared to an uncontrolled discharge of concentrate. This lowers energy consumption and saves operating costs.

  • Maximum energy savings when discharging solids thanks to innovative nozzle arrangement.
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to lower energy consumption.

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