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Separator Flottweg

The Flottweg Separator

The Separator From Flottweg

In many aspects of process engineering, separators are used for mechanical separation and clarification of mixtures comprising solids and liquids. A separator is liquid-oriented and works with a higher rotation speed than a decanter. As a result, the generated centrifugal acceleration (g number) of a separator is significantly more powerful than in decanter centrifuges. Flottweg separators are suitable for separating ultrafine solid particles from a liquid (clarifier separator). Furthermore, Flottweg separators are suitable for separating mixtures of liquids with different densities at the same time as separating a solid (purifier). Flottweg AC separators (Automatic Cleaning) can be used in a wide range of applications, and are also available in various configurations.

Flottweg AC Separators Are Used In Extremely Varied Applications

Clarifiers for solid-liquid separation

The Flottweg Separator

Parameters and influencing factors for the best possible separation results

Separator drive
The drive is by a standard 3-phase motor which transmits its power to the bowl spindle via belts. The bowl is accelerated and braked to a standstill by controlling the variable frequency drive. This permits soft starting and limits the inrush current.

Separator discharge
An outstanding feature of Flottweg AC separators is the Soft-Shot® discharge system for any combination of precisely repeatable partial and full discharges. The sound pressure level in normal operation is so low that the separator does not require any special acoustic protection measures in normal production rooms. Find out more about the Soft-Shot®.

Lubrication of AC separator series 
The lubricating oil supply to the bearings comes from an oil recirculation lubrication system. The oil level and oil flow are monitored by the control unit. Using a pump unit guarantees precise lubricating oil metering according to requirements.

Inerting (optional)
There is an explosion risk when processing substances which liberate vapors that form an explosive mixture in combination with oxygen from the air. Accordingly, inerting systems are used when it is necessary to prevent vapors emerging into the atmosphere (contamination) or air entering the system (oxidation).

Cleaning/CIP of the separator
Flottweg separators comply with the requirements of the current centrifuge standard and are designed according to "hygienic design". Flottweg separators are configured for automatic CIP (Cleaning in Place) and can be straightforwardly integrated into existing production and CIP processes.

Controlling And Monitoring Of Flottweg Separators

A PLC (programmable logic controller) monitors and controls the separator and associated components automatically:

  • Motor protection and start-up control with variable frequency drive
  • Time control for automatic discharge of the bowl
  • All components for monitoring and controlling valves and other ancillary systems
  • All displays/alarm lamps involved in the process, as well as operating elements of the separator for safe operation


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