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Pea Starch and
Pea Protein

High Flexibility and Quality in the Production of Pea Starch and Pea Protein

Pea starch is becoming an alternative in the food and starch industries. It is taste-neutral and resistant to acid and heat treatment. Pea starch and pea protein are useful for:

  • Gelatin substitute for soups and desserts
  • Clean labeling (GMO) in the food industry
  • Vegetarian and vegan nutrition
  • Sports nutrition and protein shakes
  • Gluten-free foods
  • Biodegradable packaging as raw material

High Yield in Protein and Starch Production

A powerful process is crucial for high yield and quality in the production of pea starch and pea protein. Just as in the extraction of wheat starch or potato starch, decanter centrifuges are used in the various process stages.

Decanter Centrifuges are Flexible in Use for Pea Starch Extraction

Starch separation by decanter in pea starch production Starch separation by decanter in pea starch production
  1. Mashing stage: Pea flour is mixed with water under the correct process conditions
  2. Extraction stage: Decanter centrifuges separate the extracted protein solution from the starch/fiber mixture.
  3. Fiber separation: Separation of fibers from starch by various extraction plants.
  4. Protein recovery stage: Separation and washing of the pea protein out of the protein solution using decanter centrifuges. Protein recovery with decanters – get more information here.
  5. Fiber drainage stage: Decanter centrifuges or belt presses also force water out of the pea fibers. The dry fibers are suitable for use as animal feed or for incineration.

Flottweg Decanters are Hygienically Optimized for the Production of Starch, Protein and Fibers

To be used in the food industry, pea starch and protein must be produced under hygienic process conditions. Flottweg decanters meet the hygienic standards and legal regulations of the food industry. All parts in contact with the product are made of high-quality stainless steel and are hygienically prepared. This makes them easy to clean. With CIP cleaning, the decanter is cleaned automatically and without prior disassembly. This saves time and money.

High Quantities in a Short Time With Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges for the Extraction Stage

Flottweg centrifuges for the separation of starch and fibers have a powerful drive. Flottweg's Simp Drive® automatically adapts the differential speed to the respective feed conditions during operation.

Get the Most out of Your Process With Flottweg Trials

The individual steps and processes in pea starch production require different approaches. Test machines from Flottweg ensure that you get the best out of your individual process. We test and analyze your products to find the optimal solution together.

As a partner, we advise our customers from the beginning to maintenance, training and optimization long after commissioning. Get in touch with our starch experts!

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