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The Flottweg X series
decanter centrifuges

A Revolution in Sludge Dewatering in Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage sludge dewatering offers enormous potential savings for the operators of sewage treatment plants. The costs of transport and disposal of the dewatered sewage sludge frequently make up 80% of operating costs.

Depending on the capacity of the plant, 1% more dry substance in the dewatered sewage sludge can represent cost savings in the five- to six-digit range. 

Sewage Sludge Dewatering the New Way – Xtra Performance With Less Consumption

Flottweg has developed a unique centrifuge concept specifically for high-degree dewatering of sewage sludge: the Flottweg X Series.

The dewatering performance of this machine is significantly better than our predecessor models, the C Series decanter centrifuges.

Flottweg X Series: the Most Economical Solution for Your Sewage Sludge Dewatering

  • Xtra dewatering performance: Up to 10%* less sludge volume due to up to 2% higher total dry solids in dewatered sludge.
  • Xtra polymer savings: Up to 20%* less flocculant needed.
  • Xtra energy savings: Up to 20%* lower energy consumption.
  • Xtra clean: The separation degree is greater than 99%.
  • Xtra capacity: Up to 15%* more throughflow.

* in comparison with our centrifuges in the C Series

The Secret of the Xelletor System: A Scroll With No Scroll Body

On the hunt for maximum separation efficiency, our engineers and technicians continually and radically question our existing centrifuge concept. Inspired by the lightweight construction of high-performance sports cars and motorcycles, they came up with the idea of a novel centrifuge design. The heart of the new design, the rotor and decanter scroll, were redesigned from the ground up. 

The new Xelletor system is therefore an entirely new stage of evolution for centrifugal sludge dewatering in sewage treatment plants. The result is a scroll with absolutely no scroll body.

The Secret of the Xelletor System: A Scroll With No Scroll Body The Secret of the Xelletor System: A Scroll With No Scroll Body

The Flottweg Xelletor System Redefines State of the Art

  • Maximum compression and separation efficiency, thanks to a super-deep pond and baffle plate.
  • Flottweg Recuvane® for the recovery of the energy used.
  • The powerful in-house design of the Flottweg Simp Drive®.
  • Shields surroundings well from odors and sewage sludge aerosols, thanks to sealed construction.
  • Fully automated regulation of bowl and differential speed; automatic flocculant dosing with real-time monitoring on request.

Xtra Robust Against Wear

Because the Xelletor decanter lacks a scroll body, there is no wear around the infeed, as is the case with conventional centrifuges. You save on wear parts and lower maintenance costs.

Thanks to our highly effective wear protection on the scroll spirals, rotor and solids discharge, we reduce wear and abrasion to a minimum, for a long service life. Lower your maintenance costs!

Xelletor: the Result of More Than 60 Years of Experience in Sludge Dewatering in Sewage Treatment Plants

Xelletor decanter centrifuges bring sludge dewatering to a new level. They combine our latest technologies and discoveries. Over the past few decades, we have collected and evaluated the requirements of our customers and our process experience.  Based on this experience, we are continually improving the performance of our centrifuges.

The Xelletor Decanter as Rental Machine or Plant – the Xtra for Your Success

See our innovative decanter centrifuges for yourself. Our Xelletor centrifuges are available as rental machines for extensive on-site testing.

Need a complete plant? We offer complete solutions – tailored to the individual process for sludge treatment – or mobile container systems for simple on-site use.


Already have a decanter centrifuge by Flottweg in use for sludge dewatering? Our Xelletor system is also available as an upgrade package. We'll test the equipment in advance to ensure the upgrade would benefit you, because  we want you to achieve success with Flottweg.


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

3500x1100x1000 / 11,55x3,74x3,35

Weight [kg/lb]*

2760 / 6072


Dimensions [mm/ft]*

4100x1500x1200 / 13,35x4,97x3,97

Weight [kg/lb]*

5030 / 11066


* The values are approximate and may differ from the actual values.

Dimensions [mm/ft]*

4800x1700x1400 / 15,74x5,64x4,56

Weight [kg/lb]*

8200 / 18040


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