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Why Flottweg SE

Mechanical Separation Technology Of Flottweg

The typical Flottweg customer is looking for the best solution for their separation tasks. They think in terms of the future, and demand quality and performance. After all, an industrial centrifuge is often in active use for 30 years!

Our capabilities and our knowledge for your success

Decanter centrifuges, in comparison with other types of centrifuge, offer industry by far the greatest application options. At the same time, the decanter is among the most complicated machines in solid/liquid separation.
Only a deep understanding of the mechanisms and comprehensive knowledge of processes can ensure the best separation results.
With every success story among our customers, our experience grows. We've collected them, along with knowledge and production capacity, for the last 60 years and bundled them into our machines and systems. The result is unmistakable concepts developed for the success of our customers.
Flottweg Separation Technology - Engineered For Your Success.

Quality "Made in Germany"

We are a Bavarian company with strong values. We have a clear concept of quality and we don't compromise. Our machines can withstand forces that are sometimes over 10,000 times the acceleration of gravity. Some of our customers work with highly aggressive or explosive materials. Our machines can meet any challenge permanently - even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
So we need a clear conception of how quality and performance have to be. No matter what others may do, we remain true to our principles. We take this consistently to heart with our safety and quality requirements. These requirements and others are the reason that we only produce our decanters, separators, and belt presses in Germany. Only here can we find the conditions that meet the strict requirements we place on ourselves and on our products. Most of our machines are still in use today. Even on the used machine market, Flottweg centrifuges still command top price.

Mechanical separation technology solutions tailor-made for your application case

We serve a variety of industrial sectors. The variety of application possibilities of our machines is equaled by the challenges our customers encounter every day.
At Flottweg, there are five planning departments available for project work. These departments are in direct contact with our sales groups. That guarantees short communications pathways to project management. We know the requirements of our customers and their industries. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop customized solutions. These solutions offer clear added value. Systems customized to the application case work more smoothly and can also offer higher performance.