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Three phases with the highest selectivity

The efficient 3-phase decanter centrifuge

In the classic separation process, solids are separated from a liquid, or two liquids of different densities are separated. But often both come together. This is exactly where the Tricanter® from Flottweg is the right solution. It allows the continuous separation of three phases (solid-liquid-liquid) in a single process. This is attractive, for example, in the treatment of oily sludges, in starch production and in fat recovery.

More than 40 years ago, Flottweg developed the Tricanter® to separate three phases in a single simultaneous process. The prerequisites for this are that the liquids are not soluble in each other, that they have different densities and that the solids phase has the highest specific weight. On this basis, the specially designed impeller system produces optimum separation results.

Three-phase separation offers users several advantages: The combination of the processing steps eliminates the need for additional separation stages, which results in considerable cost savings. In addition to its high selectivity, the Tricanter® is particularly attractive because of its versatility. It can adapt to changing inlet conditions at any time. In addition, there are the proven engineering and Flottweg services, from application-oriented project planning, through commissioning, to maintenance and spare parts supply. Thus, users benefit in the long term from the highest quality "Made in Germany."

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The application range of the 3-phase centrifuge


Extraction of fats, oils and biofuels

In the oil and fat recovery process, the base materials contain solids, water and oil.Using the Tricanter® they can be simply separated from each other.


Treatment of industrial waste water and mineral oils

Where oil is extracted or further processed, oily residues accumulate.The Tricanter® returns them to recyclable materials.


Starch production

The Tricanter® is also used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the production of wheat starch.

During the three-phase separation with the Tricanter, the heavy liquid phase, which has a higher density, is discharged under pressure, while the light liquid phase, which has a lower density, flows downwards without pressure. Three-phase separation with the Tricanter® Flottweg

How the Flottweg Tricanter® works

The design and function of the Flottweg 3-phase centrifuge is similar to that of a decanter (two-phase separation). Solids settle on the inner wall of the bowl when subjected to centrifugal force. The scroll constitutes the conveying tool. Under centrifugal force, solids settle on the inner wall of the bowl.

The decisive difference to the decanter lies in the separate expulsion of the two liquid phases: With the Tricanter®, the heavy liquid is discharged under pressure via an adjustable impeller. The light liquid flows off without pressure. The impeller allows infinite adjustment of the pond depth during operation and thus fast, precise adaptation to changing feed conditions - without interrupting operation.

Product features


The Tricanter® guarantees a high level of economic efficiency, because the continuous three-phase separation eliminates the need for further processing steps and separation stages. The particular strength of the Flottweg Tricanter® is demonstrated by the highest possible purity of the liquid phases to be separated through the use of the impeller. The separation process can be adapted at any time to changing conditions (product in the inlet). Individually manufactured decanter scrolls ensure the best separation results. In addition, Flottweg decanter bowls have application-optimized geometries. Tricanter® is manufactured exclusively in Germany to the highest quality standards.

  • economical three-phase separation
  • highest possible purity of the phases to be separated due to the adjustable impeller
  • flexible adaption to changing inlet conditions
  • individually manufactured decanter scrolls
  • decanter bowls with application-optimized geometries

Safety and security

The safety of the Tricanter® is a central theme because of its high speeds, its continuous operation and its diverse fields of application. Flottweg offers maximum process reliability thanks to application-oriented wear protection, medium-based material selection, machine configuration and worldwide service. High machine safety is also guaranteed, as machines are designed according to current guidelines and monitored by various sensors and evaluation systems (e.g. vibration). In the case of flammable mixtures, explosion protection in accordance with the ATEX directive and current standards is also provided.

  • application-related wear protection
  • medium-based material selection and machine configuration
  • worldwide service
  • monitoring by sensors and evaluation systems
  • explosion protection according to ATEX directive


Hygiene requirements are very high, especially in food processing - a central field of application for the Tricanter®. Flottweg designs and manufactures its centrifuges consistently in accordance with "Hygienic Design." In the food industry, all components in contact with the product are CIP capable (Cleaning in Place) and therefore designed for automated washing.

  • construction according to the principles of Hygienic Design
  • CIP cleaning (Cleaning in Place)


Flottweg Tricanter® are particularly easy to operate and maintain due to their application-optimized and compact design. An automated process is possible with impeller adjustment via an actuator. In addition, the intuitive InGo user interface makes control very easy. InGo simplifies and accelerates the sometimes highly complex processes involved in centrifugation. The operating concept is available for all Flottweg Tricanter®.

  • easy to maintain due to compact design
  • Adjustable impeller
  • optimized control through InGo operating concept

The Flottweg 3-phase decanter centrifuge - two machines in one

Süpro GmbH from Lampertheim-Hüttenfeld in southern Hessen recycles around 40,000 tons of animal by-products annually. For the processing of fats, the company initially used a decanter and a downstream separator.

Then they decided to switch to a single Tricanter®, with success, as the video shows.

More about Flottweg Tricanter®


Tricanter® Brochure

All details and technical data for the Flottweg Tricantern® can be found in our product brochure.


Machine training

We will show you how you can carry out simple maintenance work on the separator.


Tricanter® animation

In this video we show you how a Flottweg Tricanter® works by means of an animation.

Flottweg Tricanter® of the Z-series


Dimensions [mm/ft]

2500x700x700 / 8,2x2,39x2,33

Weight [kg/lb]

1250 / 2849


Dimensions [mm/ft]

3100x800x800 / 10,3x2,76x2,72

Weight [kg/lb]

1600 /3520


Dimensions [mm/ft]

3800x1000x1200 / 12,53x3,28x3,94

Weight [kg/lb]

3000 /6600


Dimensions [mm/ft]

4500x1600x1100 / 14,86x5,12x3,71

Weight [kg/lb]

6200 / 13640


Dimensions [mm/ft]

5200x1.800x1300 / 17,09x5,81x4,13

Weight [kg/lb]

9750 / 21450


Dimensions [mm/ft]

6400x2000x1500 / 21,12x6,56x4,85

Weight [kg/lb]

14140 / 31108

Features for process optimization


Adjustable impeller

In the Tricanter®, the heavy liquid phase is discharged under pressure via an adjustable impeller. The impeller can be adjusted during operation and can be optimally adapted to changes in inlet product properties. Exact and variable adjustment of the pond depth is possible, as is automation of the adjustment process.

More about the adjustable impeller

Decanter scroll

The scroll is the conveying tool in the decanter or Tricanter®. Under centrifugal force, solids settle on the inner wall of the bowl. For best separation results, Flottweg offers individual scroll geometries as well as a large selection of different scrolls based on decades of experience.

About the decanter scroll

Decanter bowl

The medium reaches the maximum speed in the decanter bowl, which causes the solids to settle on the inner wall of the bowl. Different applications require different drum geometries, such as flat cones or steep cones, different cross-sections and discharge diameters and varying length ratios. Thanks to modular design, Flottweg can supply the right decanter bowl for every requirement.

More information about the decanter bowl

Wear protection

Flottweg decanter centrifuges are used in a wide variety of processes. Due to the wide range of applications, it is necessary to adapt the decanter centrifuge with appropriate wear protection to the respective conditions and requirements. Flottweg offers various types of wear protection to reduce wear and keep abrasion to a minimum. This extends the service life of the decanter. Maintenance costs are reduced because only wearing parts have to be replaced.

For wear protection

Simp Drive®

The Simp Drive® drive regulates the differential speed between the decanter bowl and scroll as a function of the prevailing scroll torque. The differential speed determines the residence time of the solids in the bowl and thus has a considerable influence on the separation process. Simp Drive® offers a high economic efficiency due to a consistently high dry solids value (DS) - the higher this value, the drier the separated solids will be.

Here you can find more information about Simp Drive®

Pond Depth

An optimally set pond depth causes a higher dehumidification of the solids and thus an improved product result. Flottweg facilitates the direct influencing of separation performance by changing the pond depth. In this way, the separation process can be continuously optimized and adapted to specific customer requirements.

More about pond depth


In a decanter centrifuge, lubricant is supplied to the gears, scroll bearings and rotor bearings. The lubrication of rotor bearings is either by grease lubrication (manual grease gun, central lubrication system or automatic central lubrication system), or by oil-air lubrication. Flottweg scroll bearings are lubricated for life or can be relubricated.

More information about the lubrication systems


Components of Flottweg centrifuges that come into direct contact with the medium to be processed (including bowl, scroll and inlet), are made exclusively of high-quality, rust and acid resistant stainless steels. This increases operational safety.

Here you can find more information about the materials

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