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Sludge thickening
with starch polymer

Innovative sewage sludge thickening with starch polymer

Flottweg has developed an innovative method for thickening sewage sludge using starch polymers.

Potato or pea starch serve as the basis for starch-based polymers. Prior to the digestion process, the excess sludge must be thickened. With conventional systems, thickening is often carried out with the aid of belt thickeners. Despite extremely high polymer quantities, a high throughput loss can be expected when using starch-based polymer flocculants (pFM). For this reason, they are not an optimal solution.

As the market leader in sludge thickening, Flottweg has responded by creating an innovative and environmentally friendly way to thicken sewage sludge with starch polymer.

Our decanter technology for sewage sludge thickening

Customer advantages

More efficiency in sewage sludge thickening with starch polymer

The Flottweg OSE decanter of the C-series combines all the advantages of a decanter centrifuge and ensures optimum sludge thickening, even with starch polymer. Under centrifugal force, the excess sludge is thickened to a defined, adjustable concentration. The starch-based pFM is only required for polishing the centrate to obtain a separation efficiency > 95%. For this process, only very small amounts of polymer are needed. At the same time, a high throughput is achieved with minimum energy consumption.

  • very low polymer requirement, usually < 1 kg pFM/t DS
  • high throughput
  • uniform feeding of the digestion tank
  • constant thick sludge concentration
  • low space requirement
  • low energy consumption, as a rule < 0.2 kWh/m³

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