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Rental centrifuges for extensive testing and short-term projects

Our centrifuges are often required for short-term projects. Flottweg offers rental centrifuges exactly for these cases. Simply rent our centrifuges for the duration of the project.

Finding the right solution for a separation task is a constant challenge our customers. With our rental centrifuges, comprehensive on-site tests can easily be achieved.

You can rent and extensively test Flottweg’s proven industrial centrifuges, belt presses and separators or integrate them into your processes. Our specialists are available to advise you. Many new developments are brought to market in this way, in collaboration with the customer.

Our rental centrifuges and rental machines

The service package for our rental centrifuges

Competent advice and support

  • Competent advice in all matters relating to mechanical separation technology
  • Trials on-site or in the Flottweg laboratory
  • Integration into existing processes
  • Selection and dimensioning of suitable decanters, belt presses and separators

You are faced with the challenge of finding the right solution for your separation task.  Our specialists are available to advise you and answer all of your questions about mechanical separation technology. We conduct tests in our Flottweg laboratory or on your premises to find the right solution. Together, we select the appropriate machine and integrate the new rental centrifuge into the process.

Laboratory tests can help to find the right solution for the specific separation task. Laboratory tests can help to find the right solution for the specific separation task.

Proven Flottweg Quality

  • High-quality materials and wear protection
  • Made in Germany
  • Competent support and service

Our rental centrifuges are exclusively manufactured, with the proven Flottweg quality, at our production site in Germany. High-quality materials and wear protection protect the decanters, separators and belt presses against wear and ensure a long service life. During the project or tests, our competent Flottweg Service is available for you, worldwide.


Our rental centrifuges are manufactured with the proven Flottweg quality

Suitable for challenging tasks

  • Complete explosion-protected version
  • Inerting with O2 monitoring
  • Inerted solids discharge system
  • All connections to the customer's exhaust air system

This also applies for tests with difficult products, for example, a test operation with explosive or flammable media; our machines meet all safety requirements. We adapt our decanters, separators and belt presses individually to your process conditions and offer you the best solution.

Our rental machines are also used for difficult separation tasks. Our rental machines are also used for difficult separation tasks.

Flottweg rental centrifuge for a company in the qualification process.

The energy provider Wien Energie uses a rental centrifuge from Flottweg to award a major project A Flottweg rental centrifuge, among other things, was installed for the test run.

The qualification test was the basis for awarding a major project comprised of a total of 12 Xelletor decanter centrifuges. Find out more about the project here.


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Our fields of application

Our rental centrifuges are available for a wide range of applications. 


Engineering and Process Solutions

For separation tasks, the efficiency of the overall process is usually decisive. We undertake the engineering for you.


Competent Flottweg Service

We provide our customers with complete support. Our services operate to maintain the long-term value of our machines.

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