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Flottweg Industrial Centrifuge Rental

Mechanical separation technology presents us and our customers with exciting challenges time and time again. We offer our decanters, belt presses and separators as rental machines for time-limited projects or as a means of providing the optimum solution for your separation task on the spot under given process conditions.

You can rent the tried-and-tested Flottweg industrial centrifuges, and subject the decanters, belt presses and separators to extensive testing or integrate them in your processes. Our industrial centrifuge specialists are available to provide you with advice. In this way, we launch many new developments on the market in cooperation with the customer.

    rental maschines: decanters, separator, belt presses

    Benefit From Our Rental Machine Service Package:

    • Expert advice in all questions relating to mechanical separation technology
    • Tests on the spot or in the Flottweg laboratory
    • Selection and dimensioning of the appropriate decanters, belt presses and separators
    • High-quality rental machines with tried-and-tested Flottweg quality

    Flottweg Rental Machines Even For Difficult Tasks

    Even when it comes to difficult products, such as in test operation with explosive or flammable media, our rental machines comply with all necessary safety requirements. We individually adapt our decanters, separators and belt presses to your process conditions, and offer you the best solution.

    Flottweg Rental Machines Are Available In The Following Configurations:

    • Complete explosion-proof configuration
    • Inerting with O2 monitoring
    • Gas-tight solid removal system
    • All connections to the ventilation system provided by the customer

    Why not get in touch with us today and allow our centrifuge specialists to provide you with advice and assistance?

    Flottweg industrial centrifuges as rental machines