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Extraction of calcium phosphate
processing of fermented dairy products

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Separation technology plays an important role in the dairy industry. From the extraction of specialty products such as crystallized lactose and precipitated casein to the effective separation of fines and residual fat. However, attention must also be paid to the extraction of calcium phosphate and the processing of fermented products. The key to success is the ability to effectively separate the individual components and focus on their specific properties.

Extraction of calcium phosphate

using Flottweg decanters and separators

Calcium phosphate, also known as milk salt, is a major component of the minerals found in milk. The extraction of calcium phosphate (DCP process) from whey has become increasingly important in recent years. There are several reasons for this. Demineralization not only increases lactose purity but also prevents the formation of deposits downstream. This extends the service life and reduces the CIP cycles. In addition, calcium phosphate is a valuable food supplement that finds a wide range of application in the beverage industry.

Our centrifuges for the extraction of calcium phosphate

How is calcium phosphate extracted?

Calcium phosphate can be obtained from sour or sweet whey. To do this, the pH value and temperature are adjusted appropriately so that the lactic salts are no longer dissolved. However, excessive heating may damage the lactose.
Once the salts have crystallized, they can be separated using industrial centrifuges. Depending on the required purity of the calcium phosphate, several washing stages are necessary.

Process example for calcium phosphate extraction Process example for calcium phosphate extraction

Processing of fermented dairy products

using the Flottweg Sedicanter®

quark, curd cheese, skyr or even Greek-style yogurt. As the popularity of fermented milk products grows, so does the demand for them on the world market. The manufacture of new fermented milk products also requires further development efforts.

Our big player in fermented dairy product processing: Flottweg Sedicanter®

Fermented milk products, which are characterized by their fine-grained, creamy and soft consistency, can be perfectly separated using the patented Flottweg Sedicanter®.
The design of the Sedicanter® combines the features of a decanter and separator: High solids contents in the feed are clarified and separated under centrifugal forces of 5,000 to 10,000g at a constant flow rate.

Cross-section of a Sedicanter® Cross-section of a Sedicanter®

How are fermented dairy products such as Greek yogurt, skyr, or even labneh produced?



As with any dairy product, the process begins with pre-treated milk.



Adjustment of pH and temperature through the addition of starter cultures to initiate the fermentation process.



During the fermentation process, part of the lactose is converted to lactic acid, which gives the final product its characteristic properties.



The finished fermentation product is concentrated by separating whey.

Your benefits when producing concentrated fermented dairy products

Optimum performance
  • high solids load in the feed
  • good compensation for fluctuating solids in the feed
  • high separation rates and high clarifying effect

The Sedicanter® combines the benefits of decanter and separator. Sedicanter® make efficient separation of fermented dairy products possible where separators do not provide the desired results. With a centrifugal field of 5,000 to 10,000g, they offer high clarification performance and an optimum separation rate. At the same time it is possible to process products with a high proportion of solid material. Thanks to Flottweg's Simp Drive® drive concept and adjustable impeller, fluctuations of the solids in the feed can be easily compensated for. This ensures a constant separation result.

  • Hygienic configuration
  • CIP cleaning possible
  • Use of high-quality stainless steel

Our Sedicanters® are available in hygienic design to ensure the safe processing of dairy products. All parts in contact with the product can be completely CIP cleaned. In addition, all metallic parts that are in contact with the product are made from austenitic or austenitic-ferritic stainless steels.

  • The adjustable impeller provides flexibility during operation when the composition of the feed product fluctuates
  • Torque-dependent and infinitely variable control of drum and differential speed

Flottweg's adjustable impeller ensures that the system can quickly react during operation to changing conditions in the incoming mixture. The liquid level in the Sedicanter bowl can be adjusted depending on the feed product. This always leads to an optimum separation result, even under changing conditions. In addition, the Simp Drive® can be used to control the bowl and differential speed as a function of torque. Flexible speed adjustment is particularly important when operating parameters need to be constantly adapted. This is the only way to achieve high cost-efficiency and a constant dry solids content.

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Customized solutions

Flottweg is the only supplier of industrial centrifuges whose product portfolio includes decanter, Sedicanter® and disc separators featuring both discontinuous and continuous discharge. For each customer requirement and process, Flottweg always offers the optimum solution for the best separation results.


Hygienic design

Our machines for the dairy products sector are all available in hygienic design and can be easily integrated into existing fully automated CIP processes. 


Competent support

We support our customers with comprehensive advice and laboratory tests. We also offer pilot tests for the precise design of the machine, commissioning at the customer’s premises as well as process optimization and integration into the overall system.



Flottweg offers you reliable support, for example, through online monitoring. Our global offices and service and sales centers mean you’ll always have a point of contact at your side.


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