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Solid bowl centrifuges have been operating according to the same basic principle since the 19th Century. Over the years, new design details for specific separation tasks and the use of resilient, high-quality materials have improved the machine. Above all, electrical components for measuring and control technology increased the performance and availability of the decanter centrifuge.
The simple basic design of a decanter makes it possible to adapt it to all kinds of separation tasks. Furthermore, this has the broadest range of applications. Special configurations of the decanter such as the Tricanter® (three-phase separation), Sorticanter® (recycling and processing of plastics) and Sedicanter® (for solids that are difficult to separate) meet particular customer requirements and make the decanter the most variable centrifuge.

The Decanter and its Wide-Ranging Application Possibilities Depending on Requirements:

  • Clarifying liquids
  • Dewatering sludges and suspensions
  • Thickening sludges
  • Separating 3-phase mixtures, i.e. two immiscible fluid phases and a solid phase
  • Classifying solids in a suspension by grain size (wet classification)
  • Sorting solids according to various densities

Flottweg Decanter Centrifuges are used in a wide variety of applications, industries, and sectors.

Decanter Centrifuges for Mechanical Solid/Liquid Separation

Parameters and Influencing Factors of a Decanter That Ensure The Best Possible Separation Result

Parameters and influencing factors of a decanter that ensure the best possible separation result


Through the feed, the separation medium to be processed can be input into the centre of the infeed chamber of the scroll, where it is gently accelerated. The decanter outputs the transported solids by centrifugal force through outfeed bushes (openings at the conical end of the bowl).

Decanter Bowl

The separation medium reaches its maximum speed in the decanter bowl, causing the solids to settle on the bowl inner diameter. A characteristic feature of the bowl is its cylindrical/conical shape. Find out more about the decanter bowl.

Decanter Scroll

The scroll is the transport tool in a decanter centrifuge. It rotates with a differential speed (in relation to the bowl) and transports the settled solids towards the conically narrowing end of the bowl. Find out more about the decanter scroll.


The components of a decanter centrifuge that come into immediate contact with the separation medium to be processed (e.g. bowl, scroll and feed) are exclusively made from high-quality, rust and acid-resistant stainless steels. For more information, refer to materials.

Wear Protection

An extremely wide range of applications imposes all kinds of requirements on the decanter. High-quality wear protection is required to ensure the process functions correctly. Find out more about wear protection.

Pond Depth

The pond depth determines the time that the solid spends in the bowl, and can be adjusted individually. Find out more about the pond depth.

Differential Speed

There is a differential speed between the decanter bowl and the scroll, which is created by a gear unit. The differential speed determines the solid content in the outfeed and also offers other advantages. For more information, refer to differential speed.

Decanter Drive: Simp-Drive®

Simp-Drive® regulates the differential speed between the decanter bowl and scroll depending on the scroll torque. Find out more about Simp Drive®.

Overflow Weir

The clarified liquid flows to the cylindrical end of the bowl in the decanter centrifuge, from where it runs out through openings in the bowl cover. These openings contain precisely adjustable weir discs/weir plates by means of which the pond depth in the bowl can be set. The clarified liquid runs out into the drain housing of the centrifuge without pressure. Find out more about the overflow weir.

(Adjustable) Impeller

The impeller is an alternative to conventional liquid removal (overflow weir). An impeller transports the clarified liquid out of the decanter under pressure. The pond depth can be set during ongoing operation using an additional adjusting lever (adjustable impeller). Find out more about the impeller.


The Recuvane® system (recovery vane) is used for cutting the operating costs of the decanter centrifuge used by reducing the energy consumption. For more information, refer to the Recuvane®.

The Flottweg Decanter - The Widest Range Of Variants in Solid Bowl Centrifuges Used For Mechanical Separation Technology

Flottweg has been building decanters since 1956. As a globally acknowledged vendor of individual solutions for mechanical separation technology, we have advanced the development of the decanter centrifuge over the course of the years and configured it for an extremely wide range of separation tasks. High quality, efficiency and durability are three arguments that can be advanced in favour of the Flottweg decanter. The decanter delivers winning performance with a throughflow of up to 250 cubic metres per hour.

Decanter centrifuges from Flottweg. Benefit from efficiency, durability and high quality.

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