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The Flottweg Recuvane® System

The Recuvane® system (recovery vane) is used for cutting the operating costs of the decanter centrifuge used by reducing the energy consumption.

How Recuvane® Functions

Energy is required in order to accelerate the separation medium to operating speed. The liquid separated from the solid is normally discharged without pressure. This means the energy contained in the water is lost. The Recuvane® system enables this rotational energy to be recovered by targeted centrate discharge, thus supporting the main drive and reducing energy consumption. It is possible to save 10 to 20 percent of the work energy (depending on the pond depth and sludge composition).

Pictorial Representation of The Recuvane® System

Flottweg Recuvane®: 10 to 20 percent energy savings in the decanter Flottweg Recuvane®: 10 to 20 percent energy savings in the decanter

The Recuvane® System and Its Advantages

  • Less energy consumption by your decanter
  • Purely mechanical operating principle, meaning it is robust
  • Cost saving: less energy has to be consumed for the drive because energy is recovered.
  • When large quantities liquid are processed, it is possible to save up to 20% of the work energy.
  • An exact separation process is maintained
  • In addition, several pond depths can be set (eccentric screws)
  • Amortization within 1 to 2 years depending on throughput; after only a few months if running in 24-hour operation
  • Upgrades to existing machines possible without large investments


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