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Instant Tea and
Tea Extract

Centrifuges for the Production of Tea Extract and Instant Tea

Instant tea is a soluble tea that is used in various beverages. As a rule, it is tea extract in powder or granulate form - for example lemon tea from a shop or supermarket.

Flottweg separators and decanters are used in three applications in the tea area:

  • Producing tea extract
  • Manufacturing instant tea
  • Refining tea

Producing Tea Extract

In order to produce tea extract, it is necessary to extract the aqueous tea solution and concentrate the tea leaves. The decanter ensures optimum dewatering of the tea leaves and removes all residues, leaving none behind.
Your advantages in producing tea extract

  • Very gentle treatment of the tea
  • Maximum yield of tea extract

Manufacturing Instant Tea

The separator is used after tea extract has been obtained using a decanter. In order to manufacture instant tea, the separator separates off the fine and ultrafine solids. This produces a high-quality instant tea that meets all quality requirements.

Your Advantages In Manufacturing Instant Tea

  • Very gentle treatment of the tea
  • Maximum quality of the instant tea

Refining Tea

When consumers pour hot water on their tea, they do not want to find any residues or turbidity. The tea should be clear and develop the required flavour. Refining with the separator represents the best solution for optimum tea clarification.

Your Advantages In Refining Tea

  • Very gentle treatment of the product
  • Maximum clarification of the tea

Flottweg - Your Partner For Producing Instant Tea And Tea Extract

We know about the quality requirements when manufacturing tea extract and instant tea. As a result, we strive to meet the specific requirements of the tea industry with our decanters and separators as effectively as possible. See for yourself the personal support that can be provided by our in-house project planning team.

Flottweg is certified to ISO 9001 and builds its decanters according to the latest technical standards - Made in Germany. Flottweg decanters and separators have been used successfully in the tea industry for many years. We offer you sound technical knowledge, personal support and well known references.

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