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Tapioca Starch Extraction With Industrial Centrifuges From Flottweg

The Most Efficient Way to Extract Tapioca Starch

With both potato starch and wheat starch each gaining popularity, it's important to note the significance of tapioca starch (aka root starch). Tapioca contains no gluten, protein or fat, and consists almost entirely of carbohydrates. Root starch is used in a wide variety of industries:

  • In the food industry as a sweetener or sauce binder
  • In the production of animal feeds as a source of carbohydrates
  • In the textile and paper industries
  • In the production of tablets as a binding agent

Save Production Costs in Tapioca Starch Production

As its name suggests, root starch is extracted from the root of the manioc plant. This plant grows primarily in the tropic belts of Asia, Africa and South America. Extracting tapioca starch is a laborious and expensive process, requiring 4.4 kilograms of root tubers for 1 kilogram of tapioca.

Manufacturers of root starch are faced with the task of reducing their energy and water consumption, as well as their production costs. However, they still need to produce a high quality of starch. For this reason, the use of highly efficient systems is important in the production of tapioca starch.

During tapioca starch extraction, Flottweg industrial centrifuges satisfy the individual needs of our customers. 

Process for the extraction of tapioca with Flottweg centrifuges

Flottweg Industrial Centrifuges Are the Best Solution

Flottweg industrial centrifuges for the extraction of tapioca starch save resources, optimize loads, and provide the highest quality. They support the processes of:

  • Separation of the starch milk
  • Separation of liquids
  • Separation of fruit water
  • Dewatering and thickening of pulps obtained

Prevailing conditions, the sector of industry, and the size of the factory determine the requirements for the separation process. With Flottweg industrial centrifuges, you get the perfect separation solution for your process.

Flottweg Is Your Partner for the Extraction of Tapioca Starch

  • Efficient engineering together with the end customer and/or local contractors
  • Worldwide references from all known starch manufacturers
  • Long-term cooperation with well-known subcontractors
  • Reliable support when commissioning and optimizing your system

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