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Protein extraction at the highest level

The Flottweg Decanter and Sedicanter® offer ideal solutions for producing protein from a variety of raw materials. Our machines isolate valuable proteins from plants. At the same time, we offer you the right industrial centrifuge for each process step: extraction, washing, concentration and clarification. We strive to produce a high amount of protein from plants with the best possible quality. 

Maximum Protein Extraction

  • High protein yield
  • Very high standards of hygiene
  • Gentle processing of the product
  • Low energy consumption

Vegetable Raw Materials as Sources of Protein

Soy protein and soy protein concentrate

Soy beans contain about 40 percent vegetable protein. Most soy beans are used for obtaining soy oil. This is used as the basis for foodstuffs or biodiesel. Soy protein can be produced as a concentrate and isolated.

Pea Protein

Peas are not exclusively sources of protein. Starch production also plays a central role. It is important to isolate both materials effectively. 

Lupin Protein

Lupins are a valuable source of protein. The protein is of the highest quality, and can be used as a food supplement or animal feed for example.

Rapeseed Protein

The rapeseed plant forms pods after flowering. The pods contain small seeds. Each of these seeds contains up to 40 percent oil. This can be extracted using industrial centrifuges. The residual rapeseed meal is used as fodder for animals. 

Process of protein extraction with centrifuges from Flottweg Process of protein extraction with centrifuges from Flottweg

Flottweg Offers You the Best Solution for Your Protein Extraction

The Decanter and Sedicanter® from Flottweg offer a range of special features:

Adjustable Impeller

The clarified phase is removed via an adjustable impeller. This means that the dry solid content and the purity of the centrate can be custom-adapted.

Hygienic Design

Our machines meet all hygiene requirements and can be used optimally in the extraction of vegetable protein.

The Flottweg Simp Drive®

This adjusts itself automatically to different load levels, and achieves the maximum possible dry solids in each case.


Want more yield and better quality for your protein extraction? Find out more about the Flottweg Decanter and Sedicanter®. Our experts are more than happy to answer your questions. Contact us today for more information.

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