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Flottweg Separation Technology for the Production of Instant Coffee

Mechanical separation technology has a decisive influence on coffee quality and production efficiency in the manufacture of coffee and instant coffee. With Flottweg decanters, Tricanter®, belt presses and separators, it is possible to obtain maximum yield from the valuable coffee beans, and ensure high coffee quality in an economical way.

Economical Complete Solutions For Coffee Manufacture

Flottweg offers decanters, separators, Tricanter® and belt presses for manufacturing top-quality coffee and instant coffee:

  • Belt presses for extract recovery from extraction residues (coffee grounds)
  • Separators for refining the thin and thick extract
  • Decanters for extract recovery from the separator slurries
  • Tricanter® machines for extracting coffee oil

Extract Recovery From Coffee Grounds With The Belt Press

In order to manufacture instant coffee, coffee extract is first produced in extraction cells. The wet coffee grounds separated out from the cells still contain high proportions of high-quality extract. Flottweg belt presses are outstandingly suitable for extract recovery from coffee grounds. Modern processing companies increased their yield during continuous processing by squeezing the coffee grounds.

Refining Of The Thin And Thick Extract With Separators

Coffee refining is a very challenging application in terms of separation technology. The main purpose of coffee refining is to remove the residues from the coffee extract reliably and completely, since they would otherwise be responsible for a bitter taste.

The Flottweg separator is outstandingly suited to refining the thin and thick extract, and is characterised by its large refining surface as well as a quick and exact discharge system. This achieves outstanding results in coffee refining, with minimum extract losses.

Extract Recovery With The Decanter

Flottweg decanters are used for extract recovery from the separator slurries, and thus make a decisive contribution to increasing overall yield.

Extracting Coffee Oil With The Tricanter®

The coffee residues from extraction additionally contain valuable coffee oil. The residues are pressed in order to extract coffee oil. The Flottweg Tricanter® separates all three phases - solid, coffee oil and water. The extracted coffee oil can then be processed further - for example as a flavouring in ready-made, soluble coffee.

Overall coffee quality can be improved by extract recovery from coffee grounds, refining of the thin and thick extract, extracting coffee oil and extract recovery from the separator slurries; at the same time, coffee yield can be significantly increased.

Flottweg - Your Partner For Coffee Manufacture

The coffee industry places its trust in Flottweg separation technology, because as a German company we know what is important in the manufacture of coffee and instant coffee. Flottweg decanters, separators, Tricanter® machines and belt presses have been used successfully for years:

  • Many years of experience, sound specialist knowledge and well-known references in the coffee industry
  • "Made in Germany" - Production of the centrifuges exclusively in Germany, with trained specialists and the highest quality materials
  • Working out individual separation solutions with in-house project planning and personal support

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