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Slaughterhouse and Rendering

Recycling of Animal Carcasses and Processing of Slaughterhouse Waste

In the recycling of animal carcasses and processing of slaughterhouse waste, profitability and productivity are the key factors.

In the past, slaughterhouse byproducts and slaughterhouse waste arising during animal carcass recycling was often regarded as waste and disposed of accordingly. Today, attention is focused on obtaining animal fats and animal proteins. The slaughterhouse byproducts and slaughterhouse waste are processed further for this purpose, and the recyclable materials are extracted.

Recycling animal carcasses and processing slaughterhouse waste using Flottweg centrifuges delivers some decisive advantages:

  • Saving on disposal costs
  • Obtaining recyclable materials
  • Increasing the profitability of slaughterhouse operations
  • Reduction in operating costs due to an optimum process

Flottweg decanters, Tricanter® machines and disc centrifuges are used both in the recycling of animal carcasses and the processing of slaughterhouse byproducts.

Centrifuges for Processing Slaughterhouse Byproducts and Animal Carcass Recycling

Centrifuges are used in the following applications:

  • Hydrolysis of slaughterhouse byproducts
  • Obtaining animal fats and animal proteins
  • Fat renderings for processing slaughterhouse byproducts suitable for food use
  • Animal carcass recycling systems for fat separation and fat clarification
  • Systems for recycling used cooking fats
  • Systems for processing food residues
  • Tanneries for processing the limed fleshings
  • Waste water treatment systems for dewatering and thickening sewage slurries
  • Three-phase separation of flotation slurries
  • Processing of animal blood into blood meal

Flottweg decanters, Tricanter® machines and disc centrifuges thus make a decisive contribution to the recycling of animal carcasses, processing of slaughterhouse waste and obtaining animal fats and proteins.

Centrifuges in use in animal carcass recycling

Flottweg - Your Partner for Animal Carcass Recycling

As a global leader in the manufacture of industrial centrifuges for solid/liquid separation, Flottweg has been a reliable partner to the meat industry for decades. As you would expect, we comply with statutory regulations, provide perfectly hygienic processes and protect the environment.

Flottweg decanters, Tricanter® machines and disc centrifuges are available in an extremely wide range of versions. The machines and complete systems meet all requirements and offer the optimum solution for recycling animal carcasses and processing slaughterhouse waste.

Our centrifuges for processing slaughterhouse byproducts offer you the following advantages:

  • Hygienic design: We meet all hygiene requirements and guarantee the highest standards
  • Special wear protection: We offer you the ideal wear protection, depending on the machine
  • The Flottweg Simp-Drive®: The most energy-efficient drive on the market
  • ISO certification: Flottweg is certified to ISO 9001 and builds its products according to the latest technical standards
  • Made in Germany: Production of the centrifuges by specialists in Germany

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