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Chemical industry
and plastics recycling

Separation technology for the chemical industries and for plastic recycling

Flottweg decanters, Sedicanters®, Sorticanters®, belt presses, and separators have a variety of applications in the chemical industries:

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

In chemicals, mechanical separation technology represents an important component in many processes. Flottweg decanters and separators treat liquids, separate liquid blends, classify or dewater solids and extract constituents.

In the petrochemicals industry, dewatering PVC plays an important role. PVC dewatered using the Flottweg decanter has a lower residual moisture level, which means it saves costs during subsequent thermal drying.

Separating Plastics - Plastics Recycling

Centrifuges also play an important role in the separation of plastics and plastics recycling. In particular, the Sorticanter® developed by Flottweg provides economical plastics recycling by separating different types of plastic.


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