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Separation technology for
beverage production

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Mechanical separation technology for the beverage industry

In beverage production, a good understanding of the respective production process is essential. Every beverage is unique and has its own specific requirements. Flottweg finds the optimum solution with tailor-made separation technology and guarantees consistent product quality.

With our decades of experience and expertise, we optimize and standardize processes for the production of juice, beer, wine, coffee or tea. This saves our customers unnecessary costs related to machine maintenance and operation, as well as savings from cleaning, energy and waste water. 

There are many process steps in the production of beverages. Our centrifuges and belt presses are typically used for multiple steps, at times in conjunction with many other machines and process components. Therefore, it is important that all elements of the production process interact optimally with each other. Our separation technology solutions can be easily integrated into existing production facilities. This makes the production process efficient, safe and user-friendly.

Flottweg - Your strong partner for beverage production

Every beverage is unique, just like its production process. Individual solutions are therefore required for an optimal result. An experienced in-house team of specialists designs individual plant systems and solutions for our customers in the beverage industry. 

"Amazingly simple"

The US, Alltech's Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. produces award-winning beers and spirits, including its flagship Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale®.

Made in Germany, with high hygienic standards and best product quality, we ensure more efficiency and higher end-product quality. 


The producer made the decision to use a Flottweg separator to make the brewing process more efficient and simple. You can see why, and the results, in this video.


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