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Cost-efficient dewatering of waterworks sludge

Waterworks sludge is produced in sewage treatment plants during the purification and treatment of drinking water. The waterworks incur considerable transport and landfill costs when disposing of this sediment sludge.

Flottweg has taken up this challenge and with its decanter technology has developed the optimum solution for the dewatering of the resulting waterworks sludge. This reduces costs to the minimum - keeping in accordance with the motto "Engineered For Your Success."

Our decanter technology for the dewatering of waterworks sludge

Customer advantages

More efficiency in sewage sludge treatment

Before dewatering, the dry solids (DS) content of the sediment sludge produced in the waterworks is between 1 - 4% DS content. The Flottweg decanter centrifuge is equipped with the Simp Drive® drive developed by Flottweg. It regulates the differential speed in the bowl and automatically adapts it to any change in the characteristics of the waterworks sludge. The Flottweg decanter thus creates a consistently high DS value in the discharge.

Due to the maximum compacting of the sludge - without intervention by the operating personnel of the sewage treatment plant - the amount of sludge to be transported is reduced to a minimum. Month after month, this significantly reduces the costs for the sewage treatment plants and at the same time protects the environment.

  • highest DS content with minimum polymer requirement.
  • high throughput capacity due to high bowl speed and the precisely adjusted differential speed
  • reduced sludge volume lowers operating costs
  • the Flottweg Recuvane® system for energy savings of around 20 percent
  • continuous and automatic operation

Minimal maintenance

Flottweg decanter centrifuges are particularly protected against wear during their use in the treatment of water. The Flottweg wear protection ensures that the decanter centrifuge has a long service life. In order to minimize maintenance costs, all wear protection parts can be replaced on site.

  • maintenance-friendly design for minimal downtime.
  • return transport for maintenance purposes is not required.
  • reduced costs as only wear parts are replaced.

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