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Wine Manufacture Using Flottweg Centrifuges

Quality is the decisive success factor when it comes to manufacturing wine. Efficient treatment procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process play a central role. Flottweg decanters and separators have been specifically configured for must clarification, lees processing and wine clarification. They make a valuable contribution to efficient wine manufacture.

Must Clarification And Lees Processing

During wine manufacture, the decanter can be used wherever liquid phases containing a high proportion of solids need to be clarified. This includes must clarification and lees processing.

Traditionally, must clarification is carried out by static sedimentation followed by filtration of the sedimentation lees through kieselguhr by means of a vacuum rotary filter. In this process, the must remains in contact with the lees for a longer period than it would in the decanter. However, lees can have negative effects on the quality of the must, because they often have a high phenol content.

Decanters, on the other hand, can quickly process must residues containing a high proportion of solids. Furthermore, the conventional process with kieselguhr involves high costs for waste disposal, complicated maintenance work, high operating costs and significant cleaning complexity. The costs of investing in a decanter are generally higher than those of a vacuum rotary filter.

However, with lower operating costs and outstanding results in must clarification and lees processing, the decanter offers decisive economic benefits overall, at the same time as being flexibly usable.

The Advantages Of The Flottweg Decanter In Must Clarification And Lees Processing:

  • Significantly shorter preparation and cleaning times
  • No filter aids or filter cloths, or associated disposal costs
  • The solids discharge can be used as fertiliser for the vineyard
  • The Flottweg decanter meets the most exacting hygiene requirements: Exclusively high-quality, corrosion and acid-resistant stainless steels are used for all components that come into contact with the product
  • The decanter offers optimum yield, outstanding quality, trouble-free environmental compatibility and uncompromising efficiency
  • The automatic and continuous process reduces the processing time, guaranteeing an efficient and safe working method

The Flottweg Separator For Wine Clarification

Quality is king when it comes to wine manufacture. The separator is essential for effective wine clarification. The latest insights from separator manufacture and the requirements of hygienic design have been consistently put into practice in the development.

Flottweg decanters and separators are used in various ways in wineries. The combination can be used for increasing the efficiency and cutting the costs of must clarification, lees processing and wine clarification. Overall, it delivers decisive economic and quality advantages in the wine manufacture.

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