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Plastic Recycling

Innovative Centrifuge Technology

Collecting and reprocessing plastics reduces the mountain of waste, avoids greenhouse gas emissions and makes new products out of used plastic. The Flottweg Sorticanter® makes plastics recycling easy and protects the environment.

In plastics recycling, having purity of grades in the materials being processed is a central factor. Plastics can be separated quickly and efficiently using a centrifuge. The sorted plastics are obtained with a significantly higher level of dryness than in all other separation processes. Air bubbles, surface effects or dust on the plastics do not have any influence on separation.

The patented Flottweg Sorticanter® ensures economical recycling by separating different types of plastic on the basis of their different densities.

Separating Plastics With The Sorticanter®

Numerous Flottweg Sorticanter® machines are used all over the world various applications:

  • Processing plastics and mixed plastics
  • Recycling of plastic fibres and plastic waste
  • Separation of foils
  • Processing of ground material from hollow bodies
  • Processing of PET flakes
  • Separation of granulates from production waste and returned containers
  • Processing of plastic granulate after medical application
  • Recycling of cable sheaths and cable insulation
  • Processing of carpet fibres
  • Increasing the product value of polyolefins after other separation processes
Plastics recycling with the Flottweg Sorticanter Plastics recycling with the Flottweg Sorticanter

The Flottweg Sorticanter® - Numerous Advantages In Processing Plastic

  • Very high separation precision, meaning improved purity of grades
  • Better product quality, meaning higher value in the end product
  • Separation of mixed substances that cannot be separated using static separation (fibres)
  • No additional dewatering or spinning required
  • Separation of particles smaller than 1 mm
  • No influence from air bubbles and other effects that disrupt separation
  • Economic advantages, e.g. minimum use of personnel
  • High operating times - generally 8000 hours per year
  • Environmentally friendly - low consumption of fresh water and minimum water consumption in general
  • Reduced odour because of a closed system

Flottweg - Your Partner For Plastics Recycling

Flottweg was there when plastics recycling began on a large scale in Germany at the start of the 1990s. We supply complete lines which benefit from our significant store of experience. You can benefit from this experience, whether in the engineering, selection of machine components or in tailor-made measurement and control technology. We find the perfect solution for you.

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