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Separation technology for processing plant-based raw materials


Ensure high product quality

Industrial centrifuges play a decisive role in the quality of the end products. By efficiently separating unwanted solid particles from the final product, they increase the quality of food and beverages. They ensure  that the plant milk has a good taste and that the plant protein is extremely pure, that the juice has a low turbidity, and that the instant coffee is free of coffee grounds.


CIP cleaning made easy

High hygiene standards are crucial in food and beverage production. The same applies to machine parts that come into contact with the end product. The hygienic design of our separation solutions is optimized for application in the food and beverage industry. In addition, our centrifuges are CIP-capable and easy to integrate into existing CIP cleaning processes. 


Fully automatic 24/7 operation

Our centrifuges are equipped with a control system that allows fully automatic 24/7 operation. With our automation solutions, not only our machines but in some cases entire processes can be controlled fully automatically. Fully automated CIP processes can also be easily integrated. 


Maximum level of availability

Flottweg has decades of experience in the manufacture of separation solutions for the food and beverage industry. We already have over 4,000 machines in use in this area. Thanks to our worldwide service network, we can guarantee maximum availability of our machines for the continuous production of your products.

Individual solutions for the food and beverage industry


Production of fruit and vegetable juices

Optimum clarification and yield

Economical extraction of fruit and vegetable juice is not only characterized by excellent juice quality but also by a high yield of the raw material. The reduced operating, maintenance, and servicing requirements of our Flotweg separation technology also reduce the operational expenses. For an economical overall process, we have the optimal solution for each step, for the extraction of the pomace and the separation of the solids from the mash, as well as for the clarification of the juices.

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Production of starch

Recovery of a wide variety of starches

Flottweg industrial centrifuges and centrifugal separators separate the starch and protein components from the various flour suspensions, separate and dewater fibers in the individual production processes, or recycle the wash and process water. Flottweg decanter centrifuges and nozzle separators can process a high volume of the solid-liquid mixture and ensure consistent quality of the discharged solids.

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Production of plant protein

Protein purity of up to 95 percent

Our flexible solutions for plant protein extraction can be adapted to your individual processes and products. With Flottweg’s process solution, you not only obtain protein from your raw material, but you also utilize all the other plant components, such as oil, starch, and fibers. Depending on the raw material, protein purity of up to 95 percent is possible with Flottweg centrifuges while at the same time achieving optimum yields.

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Production of plant-based milk alternatives

Optimum quality and low costs

Our decanter centrifuges process milk from a wide variety of plant and grain types, such as soy, oats, almonds, or legumes. Flottweg centrifuges ensure that the plant-based milk alternative has an enjoyable taste and a pleasant palatability. You also benefit from maximum machine performance, easy operation, low service costs, and efficient cleaning of our machines.

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Solutions implemented for our customers

Industrial protein extraction from lupines using the Flottweg technology at ProLupin GmbH

Apple juice is produced with a 75 percent yield from VOG Products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why invest in an industrial centrifuge?
  • Product and process optimization makes savings possible.
  • Reduction of downstream filtration and prolonged filter service life
  • Maximum clarification thanks to high g-forces
  • High fluid yield thanks to efficient dewatering
  • Consistently high throughput performance.
  • Designed according to the latest hygiene standards
  • Can be integrated into a fully automatic processing line with CIP cleaning.


Can I replace a filter with a Flottweg centrifuge?

Filtration and separation are not 1:1 interchangeable. It is always necessary to adjust the system in order to produce a final product that meets expectations. Filtration and separation can, however, complement each other very well. High-performance centrifuges make it possible to significantly reduce solids in downstream filters. This reduces the consumption of filtration auxiliaries and clearly extends filter service life.

Why are vibration monitoring sensors important?

Many technical conditions have changed over time. Old centrifuges that operate without a vibration or speed sensor pose a high risk. If an imbalance occurs in these machines or if the machine runs at an excessive speed, this must be detected and the machine must be switched off so as not to cause a hazard.

Modern centrifuges and systems therefore undergo a complex risk assessment. Today, state-of-the-art vibration, speed, and temperature sensors are indispensable. Another advantage: The sensors monitor the condition of a machine. Unplanned downtime can therefore be avoided and maintenance can be planned in advance. 

What makes Flottweg stand out?
  • Reliable and efficient machine performance
  • Ease of use
  • Low service costs
  • Efficient cleaning

Flottweg can offer a unique overall package of technology and expertise.  With our worldwide unique Sedicanter®, we are well equipped to process substances that are difficult to separate.

All our machines and related automation come from our plant in Vilsbiburg. This is something we are particularly proud of. Thanks to our many years of international experience and our highly specialized teams of experts, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions worldwide and are thus able to gain highly satisfied customers.

Our awards and certificates—for your success

Member of EHEDG
Member of the Food Processing Suppliers Association
TOP Innovator 100
German Excellence Award 2019

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