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First commercial trainees graduate successfully

Last Friday, March 19, Flottweg SE discharged to its first two commercial trainees. After 2.5 years of training, Luzie Brunner and Regina Hofstetter completed their apprenticeships as industrial clerks with an additional qualification as foreign language correspondents. Both trainees remain loyal and remain with the company, joining the controlling and export departments.


The industrial mechanic (formerly locksmith), apprenticeship training  has a long tradition at Flottweg. Due to the increasing automation of the machines, the company decided to include the profession of mechatronics technician in its portfolio. However, in order to be able to staff commercial processes in the company with its own employees, it was decided about 4 years ago to offer training as an industrial clerk. Since Flottweg is internationally active with an export quota of more than 80 %, the combination of industrial clerk with the additional qualification of foreign language correspondent was an obvious choice. This decision makes sense, as the example of Regina Hofstetter shows: "In my daily work in the export/import department, I am in contact with our subsidiaries, representatives as well as the logistics companies. Here it is incredibly important to have good English skills," says Hofstetter.

Luzie Brunner, in contrast, is now more at home in the world of numbers. Her new department is Controlling: „A clear advantage of the training for me was that I was able to get to know many work processes through the department changes, which gave me a better understanding of the corporate value creation process. This helps me to better understand the specific interrelationships in controlling," said Luzie Brunner during the event.


The Corona pandemic broke out in Europe just as the two young ladies were entering the home stretch of their training. This had far-reaching consequences for both of them. The vocational schooling was suspended and then continued through distance learning. During the first weeks of the pandemic, individual teaching contents were sent to the trainees by the vocational school, as face-to-face teaching was no longer possible. During this time Flottweg gave them the opportunity to learn in the company during the actual vocational school days.

But another event could not take place either due to the coronavirus. A stay abroad of several weeks is planned as part of the additional qualification. Both would have spent several weeks in Malta to practice their learned language skills under real-life conditions. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, this did not come to pass.


Franziska Maßmann, who was responsible for preparing both Flottweg trainees for their final exams, sums up their achievements in very positive terms: "Both Luzie and Regina were incredibly self-motivated and interested in the subject matter. They were perfectly trained thanks to my colleague Denise Dobelhofer (in the meantime on maternity leave). The cooperation with our colleagues from the specialist departments also worked very well. Both fit Flottweg very well, so we're really happy they're staying with us."


Picture legend: Regina Hofstetter (left), Franziska Maßmann (center) and Luzie Brunner (right) at the official ceremony to celebrate the first generation of successful commercial apprentices.



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